Redskins Deal Albert Haynesworth $100 Million as Spending Continues in D.C.

Michael ClineSenior Analyst IFebruary 27, 2009

Maybe its something in the water, or maybe money really does grow on trees in our nation's capital.

Just 10 days after President Barack Obama signed the $782.5 billion economic stimulus package, the Washington Redskins tried to do some stimulating of their own by signing Albert Haynesworth to a seven-year, $100 million contract.

On a slightly smaller note, the Redskins also came to terms with cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who signed a six-year contract worth $54 million.

So as our government has taken to the philosophy that spending money will cure our economic disease, the Redskins hope that spending money will bring a much-anticipated NFC East Championship which hasn't occurred since 1999.

But will it work?

Will spending $782.5 billion really save our country from going bankrupt? It could happen, but I'll leave it to CNN and Fox News to decide.

Will spending $100 million on a defensive tackle really save Washington from finishing behind the New York Giants for the sixth straight year? It could happen, but the Redskins might consider focusing more on the other side of the ball.

Last season, Washington was ranked fourth in overall defense, but only 19th in overall offense. 

So why is all the money being spent in an area where they seem to be doing pretty well? Why put all your eggs in one basket, when there are plenty of baskets in which to spread the wealth?

Now, we all know that you have to spend money to make money, and I'm sure that the Redskins are well aware of this adage. By spending big bucks on big names you get big numbers in attendance. Which in turn drives hot dog, nacho, and beer sales.

Which, by the way, puts more money into the owner's pockets, allowing him to buy more players that you as a fan don't think the team needs.

And the cycle continues.

So as Washington continues to spend their money, whether its on stimulus packages or football players, here's to us, the common fan, spending our money a little more wisely.

After all, money really doesn't grow on trees.