Ryan Lochte's Sister Megan Comes off Racist and Ignorant in 2008 Video

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 24, 2012

Photo Credit: Sydney Nicole
Photo Credit: Sydney Nicole

Ryan Lochte has taken a great amount of grief for dimwitted things he says and how he carries himself in an interview. There is absolutely nothing lighthearted about an interview his sister, Megan Lochte, gave back in 2008. 

Jezebel and BuzzFeed have reports and the rather unsettling video that is not about to do the Lochte namesake any favors. 

The video is NSFW for language, juvenile humor, oh yeah, and racism. 

While the YouTube version has since been pulled, the video lives on at BuzzFeed.

It features Lochte recounting her time at the 2008 Beijing Olympics to Closing Time, a show hosted by Baltimore-comedian Mickey Cucchiella. 

There is a lot of gristle to chew on, so we take things a little slow. 

First off, the least of our worries—but still a matter of some frustration—is the fact Lochte was able to go to a foreign country, see wonderful sights, cheer her brother on but still managed to come off as a spoiled person who didn't have the least bit of fun. 

Of course, this could all be attributed to her pandering to the camera and trying her hand at comedy. That's precisely where this interview goes south, immediately. 

She uses a racial epithet that is neither funny nor amusing, and one that once got a certain network in trouble

In this case, she certainly means to ride this racially charged term for as long as she thinks it's funny, which unfortunately is for the entirety of this ill-conceived interview.

Even the host tries his best to bring this late-night show back on track by imploring, "Can we say Chinese?"

It's a bizarre and horrible moment that isn't helped by the set of this show, which looks like an infomercial posing as a talk show during late-night hours. We almost feel as if this is one big gag, but the laughter never comes. 

Every stereotype you can think of is drummed up from the bag of unimaginative comedy, including Chinese people taking pictures and Chinese people driving.

Even a 5-year-old would be appalled. 

We all met Lochte as the young lady who sat upon her brother's lap in London, forcing news outlets to wonder who the mystery woman was and if the two were dating. 

We eventually found out she was the Olympian's sister, and had a laugh at the awkward moment

This video pretty much cured any and all laughter coming from Camp Lochte. 

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