Rey Mysterio Jr. Diagnosed with Concussion According to WWE

Richard LangfordCorrespondent IAugust 22, 2012

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Ray Mysterio Jr. has been taken off the WWE schedule until next Monday while he recovers from a concussion he suffered during last week's SummerSlam match against The Miz. 

This all comes to us from's Zach Linder, who also passed this along from a "backstage source":

WWE personnel “suspected [a concussion] because he hit his head.” The following day, precautionary impact testing was conducted and “showed that [Mysterio] is below baseline, which means he sustained some sort of concussion.” 

It is reasonable to assume the concussion occurred when The Miz dropped a powerbomb on Mysterio, which sent his dome pounding into the canvas. I got a headache just watching it! 

The fact that he is off the schedule through the weekend does not mean Mysterio will return on Monday.

As Linder points out, Mysterio will not be able to return until he passes the concussion tests. Everyone recovers from concussions at their own rate, so it is pretty useless to try and speculate when Mysterio will be able to return. 

When he does return, he will do so to a career at the crossroads. His defeat to The Miz was a clear sign of wrestlers heading in opposite directions. 

It was time for The Miz to earn some legitimacy and gain some momentum. The fact that they used Mysterio as the sacrificial lamb to do so is a good indication that Mysterio prominence in the company is shrinking.

I'm sure this is not lost on Mysterio. You can expect him to try and get back as soon as possible, and return with an even more heightened intensity when he does.