Philadelphia Eagles Free Agency Preview

ryan lalalaContributor IFebruary 26, 2009

When the clock strikes 12:01 tonight, you might notice a strange smell in the air. No it won't be that leftover chinese food that has taken up residence in your kitchen, but rather it will be the sweet smell of money. Lots of money.

Many NFL players will wake up tommorow smelling the scent of the almighty dollar, and there will be lots of players cashing in as the NFL's free agency period officially gets underway.

For weeks we have been hearing the rumors about where each impact player would or should sign. Like everyone knows, rumors are a lot like when your girlfriend takes your credit card, and told you she only bought socks. Part of it may be true, but when you look into it a little more, your going to find there was way more then meets the eye.

That being said, I have heard/been researching every Eagles rumor that has been floating around out there, and well many of them are like the socks.They must come in 12 packs, because there are a ton of people predicting who the Birds will target this off-season.

So being the follower that I am, I figured I would add my two cents to the free agent circus. So let the role call begin, and before we move on let me mention, a 10 rating is a player very likely to end up with the team, as opposed to a one or two being a player who I don't for see signing with the Eagles.

Albert Haynesworth: The Redskins, Lions, and Buccaneers are all reported to be interested in signing Albert "How much is my deal with" Haynesworth. Although a dominant force last season for the Titans, many people forget that he was considered a major underachiever throughout the rest of his career. That being said, I hope the Eagles do not go after Haynesworth, but let me say this, I would not be surprised.

Although not mentioned as a potential landing place for the big boy, the Eagles came out of left field a few years back and almost signed center Lecharles Bentley after not looking like a contender. Andy Reid loves big lineman on both sides of the ball, so you have to figure they have at least inquired about Haynesworth's price tag.

Bottom line is, when you already have Patterson and Bunkley, along with other, more pressing needs, seeing Haynesworth in Eagles green would be a major surprise.

Odds of being an Eagle: 3

T.J. Housmansadeahagakgggsgskhaglkgghggda: Along with having the longest and most annoying last name in football, Housh' is out looking for major dollars this off-season.

The latest rumor actually has him re-signing, yes you heard me right, re-signing with the Bungals, I mean Crapals. If these rumors do turn out to be true, we can make Housh down as the latest free agent to take money over a chance to win.

Although I'm sure money will be the biggest factor in his choice on a team, in the end Housh is going to be in for a rude awakening when teams fail to meet his price demands.

Housh' is an above average route runner, but does not have the speed or strength to be a No. 1 wide receiver.

That being said however, I would love to see the Eagles add him, if his price were not so high. Although essentially a Kevin Curtis clone, adding T.J. would give the Birds a chance to spread the field more and would also give them a good threat in the red zone.

Odds of being an Eagle: 6

Jason Brown: Now here is a guy Andy Reid can get excited about. 300 pounds, young, and has the ability to play multiple positions on the offensive line. Brown has started every game since his sophomore season, and durability is very important when dealing with offensive lineman, (hence why John Runyan has had a great career).

Big Red is reportedly interested in Brown, and he should be. This is the guy the Eagles should target and try to sign. Offensive line is the weakest link on this team right now, and the addition of Brown would give the Eagles some flexibility in terms of moving around players such as Todd Herremans and Jammal Jackson.

I actually think the Eagles have a good chance of landing Brown, but will have to compete heavily against the Dolphins and Chiefs.

Odds of being an Eagle: 8

Ray Lewis: The odds of Ray Lewis playing for the Eagles are about the same as me winning the lottery. Twice.

Odds of being an Eagle: -0

That does it for the big guys I have been hearing about in free agency. Here is what I think will end up happening for the Eagles this off-season. (Boy, I can't wait to check this a month from now).

Best case scenario: The Eagles sign Brown, and somehow add Haynesworth on the defensive side. They also re- sign Tre Thomas and Brian Dawkins, all while trading one of their first round picks to Arizona for Anquan Boldin.

Worst case scenario: Brown signs with the Dolphins, and Thomas or Dawkins leaves the coup as well. The Eagles end up signing two or three mid-level free agents, none of which will make a huge impact this season. The Eagles are then forced to use both first round picks on lineman, meaning the line will be a rebuilding mode for 2009.

 What is most likely to happen: I believe the Eagles will be active in free agency, although not at the high levels we have seen in previous years. I believe they will miss out on all the free agents I mentioned above but will instead add two players, fullback Leonard Weaver and tackle Stacey Andrews. Both will be solid additions.

Weaver will finally give the Eagles a real fullback, and one that can both catch and run the ball, two things the Eagles need. Andrews will take Runyan's position and is a young solid player on the upswing.

Perhaps more important, he is the younger brother of Eagles enigma Sean Andrews. Reuniting the brothers may help get the elder Andrews back on track and take another step forward in solidifying the offensive line.

I also believe the Eagles will re-sign both Tre Thomas and Brian Dawkins. Correll Buckhalter will leave and will probably go to a team that will finally realize he can run the ball.

I would then look for the Eagles to make a big push to trade for Anquan Boldin, and I think if they throw in a first and third round pick, they will land Boldin. If they can then draft a running back and safety in the first two rounds they will be set.

But more realistically the Eagles will probably draft an offensive lineman and tight end, but that would still not be bad either.