Goodbye, Marvin Harrison! The Colts Are Mediocre Again

Alvin RuckerContributor IFebruary 26, 2009

For all of you Colts fans out there, the dream of another championship might be further down the road now.  Sure, you still have a Hall of Fame QB in Peyton Manning, but the loss of a wide out like Marvin Harrison will sting like crazy! 

I knew the writing was on the wall when (former head coach) Tony Dungy decided to hang it up and go enjoy retirement after this year's playoffs.  He was the glue that kept this organization as a top-notch AFC contender.  Now we see how the Colts are becoming "just another team" with letting Harrison slip away. 

Yes, this move was due to the economic crunch that is being felt by everyone (even these elite sports franchises like the Colts). Lets face it, the Colts are not the New York Yankees! (with deep, never-ending pockets).  They ARE playing NFL football in Indiana! (enough said there).  Mr. Polian (team president), I know you could no longer afford this guy, but I would have unloaded a TE or DE (you have plenty of depth and young talent at those positions).  But now Reggie Wayne will be double-teamed and Manning's numbers will probably take a big hit.

The numbers do not lie. One-hundred twelve TDs between these two Hall of Famers (Young/Rice only had 85 TDs between them), and those guys resumes speak for themselves. 

Well, whatever team that can land Marvin will do themselves well and make their QB look that much better.

I'm not a Cowboys fan, but imagine T.O. and Marvin lining up for Romo...the fans in Dallas will forget the past two years of playoff blunders.

How about the Pats giving Tom Brady a welcome-back present with Marvin and Randy Moss in the huddle? Now that would be just SCARY!

Well, Indy, I hope you find a diamond in the rough on draft need to find another big target for Mr. Manning!