Oklahoma City Thunder: Season Outlook

Greg EvansCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2009

Oklahoma City is currently 13-44 sitting near the bottom of the NBA. This inaugural season in Oklahoma hasn't been an easy one for the Thunder faithful. The Thunder was 4-29 going into the 2009.

Every analyst believed that they would become the worst team in NBA history, the record is the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers at 9-73 (espn.com). But the Thunder were able to pull themselves together and have a solid 7 - 7 and currently sit at 2-8 in February.

This has stopped the dooms day talk and has started the "team of the future" murmurs when the Thunder take the court.

As readers, you have probably read many times about the Thunder's young core. The Thunder Triumvirate of Durant, Green, and Westbrook is one of the most promising cores in the entire NBA.

With just those three players the Thunder have the number four scorer in the NBA, a candidate for Most Improved Player and Rookie of the Year. Why hasn't this promising core not produced more victories?

Youth. Looking at the starting lineup in the Thunder's last game; Oklahoma City started a fifth year, a third year, two sophomores and a rookie. That is a ridiculously young starting lineup.

Looking at the last 25 games of Oklahoma City's inaugural season, the Thunder will finish just under .500 at 12 - 13. They will face 16 playoff caliber teams before this season closes.

This team has it in them to upset a few of these teams but also lose games that they should win.

This will have the Thunder finishing at 26 - 42. At the beginning of the season many in the Oklahoma City area said that a mid-20s season would be a success, and this would easily qualify.

The team has gone through many growing pains this year. The loss of a Head Coach, constant changes in the line-up, and the failed acquisition of a possible star have all contributed to a crazy, yet enjoyable, season.

They have been in almost every game that they have played in this season. The team, as a whole, has grown because of each of these games and these lessons will one day become the basis of a strong playoff team.