Oakland Raiders Have a Few New Free Agents To Look at

Sean ChisickContributor IFebruary 26, 2009

So with only two days until free agency begins and teams look at re-signing their veterans or releasing them in money freeing moves I pose that oh so awful question that Raider fans dread, what do we do in free agency? 

As last year proves Big Al isn't afraid to pay for talent, he just doesn't know how to properly evaluate it anymore.

Now, I am not bashing Al Davis' football knowledge, I am just saying that he really needs to evaluate the talent that is out there. So, with that being said I look have been looking at some of the new players that have hit the market and I am looking for all those Raider faithful to offer their opinions. 

Oh, and one last quick note, I have a strong feeling that the Raiders will draft a offensive tackle in the first round but their are some intriguing options out there for a veteran player that could offer our young line some much needed leadership.

With that said, I will list our needs and our options at the position.


OT: This is my firm No. 1 problem that we need to address, even with the drafting of one in the draft. I personally would love to see us sign someone like Tra Thomas or Jon Stinchcomb. Thomas is old but he is still one of the better tackles out there and a proven winner.

He has been a staple on the Eagles o-line for years. Imagine him teaching Mario Henderson and Andre Smith how to be dominant players in the league. Now, the only problem with this signing is we would have to get Thomas at the right price.


DT: Now, in a dream world or if it were next season and un-capped we would be able to sign Haynesworth, not happening.  So, instead I offer up Tank Johnson. Now, I know I am going to get shredded for this one but, just hold on for a second.

Last year, he started all 16 games and word out of the Cowboys locker room is that he has genuinely changed for the better. He is an intriguing prospect and I think that he could be acquired at a reasonable price.

Also, he is fairly young and we could sign to a three-year, incentive based deal.


S: With the release of Gibril Wilson and having Michael Huff as the only other safety on the roster with a fair amount of starts, this has become a huge need. With that said, I know we have Tyvon Branch in the wings waiting for his starting opportunity. 

So, I say that we look at another, older veteran to teach these younger players how to win. I am a little biased on this pick as Lawyer Milloy is one of my all-time favorite players. He is an older player, but realistically, he is another veteran that could start and also tutor our young guys how to win. 


LB: Now this is where their are options galore with a whole slew of releases in the last couple of days. We have to very capable starters in Captain Kirk Morrison and Thomas Howard but have been lacking that third player to complete this trio.

Another one of my favorite players has just been released, Derrick Brooks. If we brought him in...It just makes me drool at the possibilities. Another possibility is Mike Peterson, another older veteran who can still produce.


WR: Here is where I am a firm believer that we stay away from the free agents that are available. Don't get me wrong, there are some fantastic options available with TJ being the most obvious one.

However, free agent receivers always demand top dollar and we learned the hard way last season that this can be a scary move. There are some extremely talented players available at this position in the draft and we should be able to secure at least one of them in the second or third round of the draft.


So, that's my new wish list. Let me have your best Raider Nation and hope that with some tweaks or some big chances we become AFC West Division Champs!!