NBA Rumors: Denver Nuggets Must Lock Up Andre Iguodala with Long-Term Deal

Ben ChodosCorrespondent IIAugust 18, 2012

The Denver Nuggets upgraded their roster by bringing in Andre Iguodala as part of the blockbuster deal that sent Dwight Howard to Los Angeles, and now they must ensure that the All-Star stays with the team for several seasons.

Iguodala was receptive to discussions of a long-term contract, saying, “This is definitely a place I could see myself for more than a year or two,” via Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post.

In a superstar-centric league, the Denver Nuggets have taken a different approach to building their roster, and Iguodala is an ideal fit with their philosophy. Denver is full of quality role players who are athletic and excel in transition.

Ty Lawson leads the charge with his incredible speed, and Iguodala will be an excellent running mate on the fast break. The 24-year-old point guard will also likely be in talks with Denver management to extend his deal, as noted by Hochman.

George Karl has a roster full of complementary pieces. At point guard, Lawson is a young, quick guard who pushes the tempo, but his lack of size causes him to struggle against bigger guards. Andre Miller is a savvy veteran who can set up a halfcourt offense and come through in the clutch, while his age makes him vulnerable to quicker guards.

Down low, JaVale McGee provides the shot blocking, averaging 2.1 swats per game with the Nuggets and Washington Wizards this year. Kenneth Faried chips in on the boards as the rookie pulled down 7.7 rebounds per game last season. Both players run the floor extremely well.

On the wing, Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler are streaky shooters and potent scorers, with both averaging over 13 points per game for their careers. To complement these two, Iguodala and Corey Brewer provide excellent defense on the perimeter. 

This roster is deep and full of exciting combinations for Karl to put on the floor, and Iguodala brings everything together. While there are other solid defenders on the team, the 28-year-old is the only player who is truly elite on that end of the floor.

Iguodala is a destructive perimeter defender, and he will set the tone for the rest of his teammates. He will lead the effort to improve after the Nuggets tied with the Golden State Warriors last season for the second most points allowed per game.

He is also a veteran who, along with Miller, will provide leadership for the young talent on the team. In addition, he is still a decent offensive player and is perfectly capable of averaging double-digit points. 

With Iguodala, Denver can boast a balanced offense and a renewed commitment to defense. His leadership and defensive prowess make him an ideal fit with the Nuggets’ roster and management would be wise to keep him on the team for as long as possible.