NASCAR's Best Mic'd Up Moments

Christopher Leone@ChristopherlionSenior Analyst IMarch 24, 2017

NASCAR's Best Mic'd Up Moments

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    As we approach the Chase for the Sprint Cup, some of the most tense weekends of the NASCAR season, it's a safe bet that tempers will run high in some of the sport's top camps.

    After all, it's unbearably frustrating to have a strong car, to come so close to a race or championship win, only to fall short due to an error—whether it's your own or somebody else's.

    Sometimes, drivers can graciously control that frustration. Other times, to put things nicely, they can't. (It should go without warning that some of the language in these videos may not be safe for work.)

    This is a celebration of some of those moments—when drivers' mouths ran at full speed when they should have been under caution, so to speak.

    Of course, there's plenty of moments that were left off of this particular list. But hey, there's always room for a sequel, right?

"It Don't Mean (Bleep)": Earnhardt Jr. Wins at Talladega

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    Dale Earnhardt Jr. was understandably excited about winning the 2004 EA Sports 500 at Talladega, propelling him into title contention in the inaugural Chase for the NEXTEL Cup.

    But when asked about the significance of the win, he dismissed it as meaningless in comparison to his father's 10 Talladega victories. Unfortunately, that dismissal cost him 25 points and helped contribute to his inability to win that year's title.

Harvick Not so Happy with Cope at New Hampshire

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    Longtime NASCAR fans will probably chuckle that a Cope got in the way of another driver, but for Kevin Harvick, Amber Cope's driving in this July's Nationwide race at Loudon was no laughing matter.

    Cope cut off Harvick's line through the backstretch, enabling Brad Keselowski to slingshot past and take the victory. That move sparked a media war in which Cope, daughter of 1990 Daytona 500 winner Derrike Cope, refused to concede fault and Harvick suggested that she "pick some boots and (her) favorite song and find a new job."

Marlin Run over by "Bug-Eyed Dummy"

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    A few years ago, Greg Biffle got braces to fix his teeth. But Sterling Marlin felt like it was Biffle's eyes that needed to be checked after this accident at Watkins Glen in 2004.

    "I got run over by a bug-eyed dummy," Marlin said of the then-rookie, who drifted up on the track after hitting the curb on the first turn and spun the two-time Daytona 500 winner.

More Trouble for Biffle at Watkins Glen

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    To put it nicely, Watkins Glen isn't a happy place for Greg Biffle. While 2004 saw him wreck Marlin, 2011's race ended with a near-fight between Biffle and Boris Said, who didn't have many nice things to say about him after the event.

    According to Said, Biffle was flipping him off and shouting at him, but "wouldn't even fight me like a man."

    "He needs a whooping," Said stated.

Kurt Busch's Entire 2011 Season

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    Kurt Busch will always be the inaugural Chase winner and one of NASCAR's most passionate drivers, but his temper frequently got the best of him last year. In fact, this is probably the cleanest video of him we can show.

    From comparing his team to a "monkey (humping) a football," to ripping an interview transcript from Jenna Fryer's hands, to berating Jerry Punch in the garage, Busch had more anger issues in 2011 than a Chase contender should. Those issues got him fired from Penske Racing and landed him in the free-agent doghouse last offseason.

Keselowski Becomes Immediate Fan Favorite at Bristol

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    "I'm Brad Keselowski, driver of the Penske Racing Dodge. Kyle Busch is an ass."

    2010 was a tough season for Keselowski, as he was adjusting to full-time Sprint Cup competition alongside his Nationwide slate for the first time. But he made a lot of new fans at Bristol by offering that quote in driver introductions.

    Busch wouldn't make good on his promise to win the March Bristol race, but he made up for it by taking the victory at the track in August.

Tony Stewart Will Wreck Your Mom

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    In a career full of notable quotes, both in anger and out of acerbic wit, here's the one that best explains Tony Stewart's passion for winning. There's nobody in the world, not even somebody's mom, that he won't wreck to win a championship.

    For his part, Stewart didn't have to wreck anybody's mom at Homestead last year to take the title. He did, however, have to "pass half the state of Florida," driving through the entire field twice to win his fifth race of the Chase and his third Cup championship.

Dale Earnhardt's Most Foreboding Quote

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    "That's the worst racing at Daytona that I've seen in a long, long time. They took Cup racing and made it some of the sorriest racing...they took the racing out of the hands of the drivers and the crews' hands."

    Makes you wonder how Dale Earnhardt would feel about the Car of Tomorrow.

How to Make 'The Iceman' Lose His Cool

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    Dale Earnhardt may have only been trying to rattle Terry Labonte's cage when he spun him to win at Bristol in August 1999, but Labonte, typically reserved and even-tempered, didn't see it that way. (Neither did the fans, who offered Earnhardt a rare chorus of boos in Victory Lane.)

    "Have you ever heard him say he means to spin anybody out?" Labonte asked after the race. It wasn't their first run-in at Bristol—Earnhardt actually wrecked Labonte after the checkered flag in 1995, leading to a humorous Victory Lane celebration.

Tony Stewart, Coca-Cola Crusader

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    Leaving this list with a light-hearted quote, Tony Stewart tells Fox in no uncertain terms that he's a Coca-Cola man and is proud to conquer the 2006 Pepsi 400 in favor of the enemy. He may drink it "whether I'm sponsored by them or not," but it's no shock that their partnership is still going.

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