Tyrann Mathieu Dismissal: Focusing on Rehab Is the Responsible Move

Barrett SalleeSEC Football Lead WriterAugust 17, 2012

Former LSU DB Tyrann Mathieu
Former LSU DB Tyrann MathieuKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Ever since being dismissed from the LSU football team last week, the future of former Tigers cornerback Tyrann Mathieu has been the subject of intense speculation.

We've heard that he's considering McNeese State, Jackson State or even stay in school in 2012 and return to LSU in 2013.

According to a television station in New Orleans, Mathieu isn't doing any of those things right now.

WVUE FOX 8 reports that Mathieu will remain in a drug rehabilitation center in Houston for the time being, in an effort to get his issues worked out instead of playing football this fall.

Bruce Feldman of CBSSports.com reported early Friday that Mathieu's issue is with marijuana, but that there is a fear that it could lead to abuse of other drugs. Feldman also reports that Mathieu hopes to return to LSU for the 2013 season.

Good for Tyrann Mathieu.

After a one-game suspension in 2011 and the dismissal this month, it is clear that Mathieu has bigger things to worry about than playing football.

His irresponsibility got him into this predicament in the first place, but the decision to focus on rehab rather than football is the responsible move, and better for him in the long run.

The NFL will be there for Mathieu. His ability to make things happen on defense and on special teams won't be ignored by NFL scouts.

College football may be too, although he probably doesn't need to play another down in college to get drafted.

If he gets his personal life sorted out now, his career will be more prosperous on and off the field. That should be his goal now.

Mathieu is a fighter.

He wasn't a top-flight recruit out of high school and he made it all the way to the Heisman Trophy ceremony.

If he attacks rehab in the same way he attacked the game of football, he will get his life back on track.

That's what's important, not football.