1. Mathieu: 49ers' Simplified Offense Easy to Anticipate

  2. #Cardinals DB Tyrann Mathieu said the #Lions offense looks "out of sync:" http://t.co/yRS2pJsX3I

  3. S Tyrann Mathieu was complimented for tracking down #Rams RB Todd Gurley: "I’ve just got recovery speed. I can’t race Smokey."

  4. Lombardi on Tyrann Mathieu saying Lions players appear not to know the scheme: "I think the guys know what they’re supposed to do"

  5. #Cardinals DB Tyrann Mathieu: Lions offense "out of sync" & he's surprised about it: http://t.co/yRS2pJKxVg

  6. #Cardinals DB Tyrann Mathieu: #Lions offense looks "out of sync" right now -- and he's surprised about it: http://t.co/yRS2pJsX3I

  7. Tyrann Mathieu: Lions offense looks 'out of sync' right now http://t.co/nL7UjEep2m

  8. Cardinals S Tyrann Mathieu: Lions offense out of sync, looks 'like they don't quite understand the system yet' http://t.co/476nUpvp0V

  9. Tyrann Mathieu says it looks like the Lions don't know their own offense http://t.co/3fuKG0DZl2 http://t.co/BH8O73ltxR

  10. Cardinals' Tyrann Mathieu says it looks like the Lions don't know their own offense http://t.co/NUz1eUPZvn

  11. Tyrann Mathieu one of @ChrisWesseling's no-brainer picks for his quarter All-Pro team http://t.co/2zjllwJCog http://t.co/6HzCGTYlI9

  12. #Cardinals S Tyrann Mathieu said the #Lions didn't show too much interest in him during the 2013 draft.

  13. #Cardinals S Tyrann Mathieu said he did not know batted ball rule.

  14. #Cardinals Tyrann Mathieu on who is better he or #Lions Darius Slay: Right now I'd have to go with me.

  15. #Cardinals S Tyrann Mathieu said the #Lions aren't taking as many shots as they normally do with Calvin Johnson, says it's "obvious."

  16. #Cardinals DB Tyrann Mathieu said the #Lions offense looks out of sync & is "very, very, very surprised" they've been struggling.

  17. QB Carson Palmer WR (slot) Larry Fitzgerald CB (slot) Tyrann Mathieu Special teamer Justin Bethel https://t.co/SjvRC7mD63

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  19. Looked like Tyrann Mathieu on that forced fumble.