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  2. Mathieu: 49ers' Simplified Offense Easy to Anticipate

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  9. Full transcript from Tyrann Mathieu, who believes: Blaine Gabbert >> Colin Kaepernick. https://t.co/w9WJN4u0CL #49ers

  10. #azcardinals S Tyrann Mathieu: "Some of the things that Kaepernick may have not done well, those are things that Gabbert does well." #49ers

  11. #azcardinals S Tyrann Mathieu on #49ers QB Blaine Gabbert: “I think he gives them a better option going forward.”

  12. Cards DB Tyrann Mathieu says #49ers QB Blaine Gabbert has a better grip of what’s going on than Colin Kaepernick. https://t.co/jha8NdLMsX

  13. Tyrann Mathieu didn't mince words in saying #49ers offense was better under Gabbert than Kaepernick. Said BG has "a better grip" on offense.

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  21. Pic is fuzzy, but @RealPeterson21 and @Mathieu_Era come out of tunnel with flag of France. #PrayForParis https://t.co/HgYdus2eOh

  22. Whoa! @Mathieu_Era went up and got that. #AZvsSEA https://t.co/AWYieKUC30

  23. Good idea to use Bethel on blitz. Kind of like using Mathieu, but keeps Tyrann in coverage.

  24. S @Mathieu_Era said the #Bengals offense is "a big challenge." WR A.J. Green specifically? "@RealPeterson21's challenge."

  25. Watching @AZCardinals @Mathieu_Era's snaps over the past month, he has to be considered for DPOY. Josh Norman (@J_No24) right there, too.

  26. #AZCardinals safety @Mathieu_Era: "Last week was a big week. This one is even bigger." #CINvsAZ | #SNF https://t.co/t78VNzKr5B

  27. Military and Pat Tillman decals on @Mathieu_Era's helmet. The #HoneyBadger does care! #CINvsAZ | #SaluteToService https://t.co/RGEcYAX18r

  28. Walking into work like @Mathieu_Era! #MathieuMondays https://t.co/Y9v7p2z5h5

  29. Chandler Jones is on my short list for Defensive Player of the Year. J.J. Watt, Tyrann Mathieu up there too.

  30. Tyrann Mathieu didn't look like he wanted to let Jeremy Hill celebrate at the end of that TD run. The two played together briefly at LSU.

  31. One more for your pregame reading list: When #Bengals' offense breaks the huddle, it'll want tabs on Tyrann Mathieu https://t.co/H2p5fccVS9

  32. When Bengals break huddles, they'll want tabs on Tyrann Mathieu https://t.co/zmMYe5jEHH

  33. Cornerbacks without a negatively graded game in coverage this season: Josh Norman Tyrann Mathieu Patrick Peterson

  34. On @NFLHQ: When the #AZCardinals & #Bengals face off, expect @Mathieu_Era, @tonyjefferson1 & Markus Golden to ball: https://t.co/eBH6pMUhQh

  35. Jimmy Graham ranks 10th among TEs in receiving, has one red zone TD. Is Tyrann Mathieu right about how SEA uses him? https://t.co/cgw96PAsFN

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  39. #Lions Darius Slay is PFF's No. 2-graded CB over the last 5 weeks. Behind only Josh Norman overall & only Tyrann Mathieu in coverage grade.