Creature Vs. Creature: The Best Hell in a Cell Performer Is...Triple H.

KumarCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2009

Hell in a Cell...In the words of JR, it’s the perverse, vile, and diabolical structure of the WWE. And he’s right.

What may just look like a larger steel cage has really bought back some memories for all wrestling fans, such as Rikishi’s fall to a hay truck in the Armageddon Cell match in 2000, or more recently, Edge spearing Undertaker in the SummerSlam 2008 Hell in a Cell.

With those types of memories in mind, Hell in a Cell remains to be probably the best object-related match stipulation in wrestling history.

With every type of match, there is always a person (at least in WWE) who treats that match as their specialty. If you need a couple examples, the Hardyz come synonymous with Ladders, Edge is King of TLC, and Triple H (as well as Undertaker) completes Hell in a Cell.

You could say Mankind or HBK does it, but really, this honor is only deserved for Triple H or Undertaker.

When I look at it, I always saw Triple H to be better than Undertaker at Hell in a Cell. Now, many people would dispute me on this, and they’d create many reasons for it. Let’s start with the easiest reason for Triple H’s dominance in that match.


His move-set. Triple H’s can make any match a great one (gotta love the knees).

Oh it’s true. Undertaker has the demon inside of him every time, but really, who’s the guy who made a bout with someone like Batista or John Cena worth watching? Triple H. Who’s the guy who has given us the best grudge matches of all time? Triple H.

Not Taker, Triple H. When he (HHH) steps in the ring, he greets you with that same look every time.

Is it arrogant?

Is it poignant?

Is it cocky?

Is it confident?

The truth is, it’s all of them at once. Triple H will always be arrogant, cocky, and confident; he’s made enough promos saying that. He’s always poignant, or emotional in the ring, because he respects the business, and because he’s always in the biggest feuds when he’s in the Cell.

No matter what anyone here says about him, he makes sure that the other wrestler looks good during these matches. I mean, think about the Batista match he had at Vengeance in 2005. That, for Batista, is considered his best match by many. Why?

Because him and Trips made it one of the best matches to watch that year, that’s why, and if you need more, take a look at his match with Jericho. This match in 2002 at Judgment Day was probably one of the best Cell matches of all time.

If you combine the chemistry between the two, their move-sets, and the feud that they sparked up, it was probably the most correctly hyped match WWE has had that didn’t have to do with Austin or the Rock.

Also, the finish was just great, with Jericho getting pinned at the top of the Cell.

Need more evidence? Alright, this leads me to my second statement.


Triple H can spark a better reaction when the time is right.

Guys, I really admire Undertaker as a Legend and Undertaker’s been known for his reaction causing with the fans, but really, when does he create that sudden roar within the crowd during his matches? The fact is that he can’t do as much, because of his gimmick.

His gimmick really prevents him from talking trash to the other guy, or flipping them off at a certain time, or doing things that cause that immediate uproar for him, or swooning momentum.

I mean, if you look at a Taker match, his Hell in a Cell’s have been many of the same things, with the same smashes, and the same objects, unless you count his most recent one.

His best moment was the Mankind fall, but really, WWE will neverrepeat that again. It’s an instant career ender, unless your name is Mick Foley, and your body really can’t feel pain for two years at a time.

But back to my point. Can Undertaker execute those match-turning reversals, when one move creates a whole new way of life for that match? Yes, but it’s rare. All he usually does is use that version of getting up which scares the hell outta everyone. This is great, but only happens about once or twice (in a long match) a match.

Triple H’s matches do not start with a certain dominance of his opponent, no they don’t. It really goes back and forth, and then someone starts to dominate, with the objects and cell walls.

If anything happens, Triple H sparks a reaction immediately through a crowd, by doing something different, and more surprising.

Doesn’t it seem as if Taker does the same face, the same move, and the same type of surprise every time he recovers from someone else? It’s not his fault, his gimmick prevents a lot of things, but I feel as if he doesn’t make the most of it, by creating more reactions during his matches, instead of the same thing.

I don’t like it, but some of you might, maybe because you still have that astronomical amount of respect for Taker that every time he appears, a piece of nostalgia pops up in your head. In my mind, that doesn’t happen, no it doesn’t.

Triple H, for some reason, taunts and taunts, over and over again. Each time, the taunt is different, and the people react differently. For example, I consider his entrance to Armageddon 2000 a reaction. That’s right, I do.

Triple H’s entrance in that Hell in a Cell was described as scared at best, and he was not confident about walking out WWF Champion. Well, really, you couldn’t see it until you saw his eyes. This is what I really admire.

His general facial expression was normal, with him displaying that crooked nose so well, but something was wrong, it seemed. Triple H’s head was somehow more conscious, and he was not looking at his opponent.

Frantically, he was taking deeper breaths, and he was walking faster, then slower, unlike that same march we usually see from him.

The bottom line is Triple H has the great ability to make a spark out of anyone because of him being so popular with the crowd, and I think Trips uses his popularity to spark a reaction way better than Taker.

This is a moment that makes Triple H who he is. He is not a gimmick, he is human, which is what helps make him better. But this is not about better, this is about best.  The final reason I think he’s the greatest is probably the biggest, so here goes.


His opponents

Does this surprise you at all? Maybe, maybe not, but if you break down every one of his matches, you’ll get a great list.

I: Cactus Jack, No Way Out 2000: So, like all people, you could let Mick do the work here and make it a great match, or you could take advantage of the storyline, and make it genius. Triple H bugged the refs the whole time for some light moods and wouldn’t ever stop the stair steps, and the toehold to the chair was just sweet.

II: Six-Man Cell Match, Armageddon: This was just a great job by H, fighting Austin and more importantly, leaving himself out of the match. But, this was not H’s highlight at all. That was Austin’s night, and more importantly, Angle’s night to show the world that he can do a match stipulation.

III: Chris Jericho, Judgment Day 2002: This match was one of the only Cells H fought as a face, other than the DX one, surprisingly. As a face, Hunter pretty much let Jericho up a stool, but hid the food away from him the whole time, like Jericho was a baby.

Jericho had his chances, but whenever he started to see hope for all the Jerichoholics out there, H smashed him down, and pinned him on top of the Cell.

IV: Kevin Nash, Badd Blood 2003: I didn’t watch much of this one, only because I was grounded when I wanted to order it. But, really, this was considered to be the second worst Cell match in history, behind Boss Man and Taker at WM XV. So I didn’t miss much at all.

V: Shawn Michaels, Badd Blood 2004: WOW. Two best friends. One great feud, and one great match. Shawn and Trips had so many spots that night, at least four superkicks amongst other things. Emotionally for the fans, I knew wrestling was fake, but I still felt all of it in my mind.

What a great match. I personally think this is Triple H’s best Cell match, because of the fans being so into it.

VI: Batista, Vengeance 2005: This match was good for both Triple H and Batista. Triple H did not really have a good match that whole year in my opinion until then, so if I’m wrong, then I missed a great Cerebral Assassin match, didn’t I?

Both Triple H and Batista made this match the best it could have been, with the great amount of spots that Triple H used to push Batista, this was really the turning point for Batista’s career, as he got the fans (most of them, at least) on his side.

So this concludes the Triple H match list. If anyone disagrees, you’re absolutely free to comment, but I guaranDAMNtee that I’ll write back.

But, aside from all this evidence, Triple H is best because he has the best combination for the match; the guts, the moves, and the character, all needed for the demonic Hell in a Cell.

Now can you dig THAT???? (suckasssss!)


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