15 Fighters Who Are Never out of a Fight

Dan HiergesellFeatured ColumnistAugust 14, 2012

15 Fighters Who Are Never out of a Fight

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    Over the past few years, UFC fans have witnessed some of the greatest fights of all time.

    They've grown accustomed to seeing these historic battles due in part to the hard-nosed fighters involved.

    From Dan Henderson to Nate Diaz, to Forrest Griffin and Martin Kampmann, the UFC employs some of the most dedicated Octagon showmen in the world.

    Paying tribute to their countless efforts, here's 15 guys you should never count out in a fight.

Tim Boetsch

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    With an improbable TKO comeback over Yushin Okami at UFC 144, in which he needed to secure a third-round finish to win the bout, Tim Boetsch has become a middleweight threat like no other.

    Boetsch has become one of those guys that isn't quite as talented as the division's top strikers and submission artists, but he possesses heavy hands and well-rounded wrestling which enables him to end fights at any time.

    Not to mention he has a solid chin and big frame at 185 lbs.

Chan-Sung Jung

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    Chan-Sung Jung's nickname suits him well.

    He's practically a walking zombie inside the cage.

    But unlike the zombies you see in movies and TV shows, "The Korean Zombie" actually wins.

    He may seem hobbled and out of sorts at times, but Jung has hard hands, expert submissions and the will to push through pain and adversity.

    To be frank, he may be the best bet to defeat featherweight champion Jose Aldo based on his ability to eat punches and counter to a tee.

Nate Diaz

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    There's a reason Nate Diaz is on deck to face Benson Henderson for the UFC lightweight title.

    He's downright entertaining.  A brawler at heart.  One of those guys that turns any fight into a barn burner, despite technical differences and varied game plans.

    Diaz makes you fight him.  He has withstood punishment in the past to get past bigger and better wrestlers, strikers and all-around talents.

    With a rough exterior and formidable heart, Diaz's world-class prowess allows him to be in any fight at any time.

    Not to mention serving as one of the division's best submission experts who happens to throw perfectly timed punches.

Nick Diaz

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    Just like his brother Nate, Nick Diaz possesses the same ability to stick around against any welterweight in the world.

    Diaz's brash attitude allows him to go above and beyond the normal duties of a MMA fighter.

    He can box, sprawl, grapple and transition against any opponent.  He can withstand punishment from the best strikers in the division and look badass doing it.

    Bottom line, Diaz has become one of the biggest gamers in the UFC, despite his year-long suspension.

Cheick Kongo

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    Cheick Kongo's improbable KO over Pat Barry last year automatically lands him on this list.

    Kongo was absolutely rocked in that fight and still managed to KO one of the more well-rounded strikers in the division.

    His height surely played a role in creating distance from a charging Barry, but his chin was most certainly his biggest asset in keeping himself around to secure one of the most unlikely finishes in recent memory.

    The heavyweight veteran has shown in the past that's he is sometimes unable to push the pace, but when backed into a corner, he'll do whatever it takes.

Diego Sanchez

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    There's one reason why Diego Sanchez is on this list.

    His pace is borderline uncontrollable.

    Sanchez never lets up.  He pushes fighters to the brink of exhaustion whether losing or winning.  That's why he's become one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC.

    With timeless battles opposite Clay Guida and Nick Diaz already under his belt, Sanchez has shown the ability to inflict damage, and take it, from bell to bell.

    It's exciting to have him back in the lightweight division, where his size could lead to more wins via ground and pound.

Forrest Griffin

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    It's impossible to disagree that Forrest Griffin is one of the biggest gamers in the sport.

    His past few fights may have looked pedestrian and somewhat lackluster, but when it comes down to it, Griffin isn't afraid to throw leather at any given time.

    The Ultimate Fighter Season I Finale spoke for itself.  Griffin was battered from the get-go and still utilized his world-class heart to push through adversity and win the judge's decision.

    He may be on the backbone of his career, but people still know what he's capable of doing on any given night.

Joe Lauzon

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    Joe Lauzon may be the best finisher in the UFC.

    He has sealed all nine of his Octagon victories by either KO, TKO or submission.  That alone makes him a bet to finish fights at the drop of a hat.

    Lauzon has been pushed to the brink in the past only to regroup, refocus and come out on top.

    His marksmanship and overall talent is arguably the best in the division.  If he can keep it up, Lauzon could be fighting for a title by the end of next year.

Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua

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    Following his fight with Dan Henderson, which is arguably the greatest UFC fight of all time, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua has regained any respect lost after getting finished by Jon Jones at UFC 128.

    Not to mention his other recent display of heart and perseverance in his TKO victory over Brandon Vera earlier this month on FOX.

    The fact of the matter is that Rua is never out of a fight.  His professionalism is rarely matched and his skills are world-class.

    He has produced big shot after big shot throughout his UFC career and is capable of finishing a fight in any fashion.

    For a fighter to withstand copious strikes from Henderson for five rounds, he needs to possess some sort of barbarous ability.  Rua fits that mold.

Roy Nelson

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    People may not agree with Roy Nelson being on this list, but when you take into account that he's only been finished once in his professional career, it's hard to dispute the facts.

    Nelson's UFC stint may currently be categorized as disappointing, but for what it's worth, he has lasted every round against elite fighters like Junior dos Santos, Frank Mir and Fabricio Werdum.

    So when it comes down to it, considering Nelson hasn't been knocked out or submitted through seven Octagon fights, you have to respect his ability to stick around against any top contender in the UFC.

Clay Guida

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    Clay Guida is proof that a wild-punching, tattooed crazy guy can succeed in the UFC.

    On numerous accounts, Guida has shed his blood for the UFC and its fans while participating in some of the most memorable Octagon antics to date.

    His back-and-forth affairs alongside Roger Huerta, Diego Sanchez and Nate Diaz have culminated into Guida being one of the most popular fighters around.

    Often throwing caution to the wind, the wrestling-based time bomb could literally go off at any time.

    That's why he's on this list, and that's why his fights are always the ones to watch.

Dan Henderson

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    If not for his experience, world-class wrestling and dedicated heart, Dan Henderson makes this list based on one lights-out punch.

    His right hand, better known as the "H-Bomb," has the capability of producing atomic devastation.

    Fighters know it's coming, but they simply can't stop it.  The strike alone possesses more finishing ability than most fighters' entire offensive games.

    So with a cornerstone strike like this one, which has rescued Henderson from defeat on numerous occasions, how could you keep him off this list?

Anderson Silva

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    For obvious reasons, Anderson Silva makes this list.

    Not only because he's the greatest fighter of all time, but more importantly because he secured one of the most unlikely comebacks in UFC history.

    Silva's fifth-round submission over Chael Sonnen at UFC 117 his beyond infamous.  He had been battered for nearly 24 minutes before securing the triangle heard around the world.

    Based on that performance, along with his ungodly ability to destroy anyone the UFC throws in his path, Silva should never be counted out of a fight.  Ever.

Martin Kampmann

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    Whether you think Martin Kampmann his a legitimate threat to dethrone Georges St-Pierre or not, you have to respect his ability to come from behind and win.

    Over his last two fights, Kampmann has displayed a natural ability to turn his misfortune into immediate success.

    From securing a third-round submission victory over Thiago Alves at UFC on FX earlier this year to knocking out Jake Ellenberger in the second round at TUF Finale 15, "The Hitman" has become "The Comeback Kid."

    With improbable back-to-back victories under his belt, the Dane deserves to be thought of as one of the best welterweights around.

    He may not have the best of chins, but his heart is world-class.

Frankie Edgar

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    Time and time again, we've seen Frankie Edgar prevail inside the Octagon.

    As one of the smallest lightweight champions ever, Edgar has grown accustomed to using his speed and heart to win fights in the UFC.

    His title defenses against Gray Maynard are proof that size doesn't necessarily equate to victory when you're fighting a guy who will do anything to remain champ.

    We've seen him stumble around the cage for entire rounds only to shake it off and win a 25-minute fight.

    Whether he stays at lightweight or not, Edgar continues to be one of the hardest guys to finish in the entire UFC.

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