Vanderbilt Football Uniforms: Check out the Commodores' New 2012 Design

Ian Berg@@ShugJordanPkwyCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2012

Vanderbilt Football Uniforms: Check out the Commodores' New 2012 Design

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    James Franklin has made waves since arriving in Nashville as the Vanderbilt head coach with his liveliness on the field and in the press room after games. This year, he is helping the Commodores reinvent the uniforms and doing it with style.

    The Commodores have changed helmet designs a few times in the recent past, but this rework is one that will bring a new design to the entire uniform—something that should be welcomed by the Vanderbilt faithful.

    The Vanderbilt Commodores are trying to make a new mark on the SEC landscape, the uniforms will help build a new reputation as James Franklin tries to rework a tradition in Nashville. Here is a look at the new unis that Vanderbilt will wear this fall. 

All White

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    Is that the sound of the Imperial March as Vanderbilt takes the field? It should be with these new all-white uniforms.

    Rarely will an all-white look take the field and look this sharp. Credit has to be given where it is due, and these new white unis deserve some love from the Commodore faithful.

    The black numbers in gold trim is a nice finish to an otherwise extremely clean look on this uniform set. Add to it the gold anchor in the V of the neckline, and this is a winning away combination. 

White Helmet

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    In the past few seasons, helmet redesigns have been very extreme. Vanderbilt chose to stay clean and traditional while mixing up the color scheme of the lids this season.

    The white helmet design is very clean and fits the white uniform design very well. It is a nice addition to the white look that the Dores will don this fall.

    The black facemask pops on the new white helmet and adds to the clean look that the Commodores were looking for with the redesign. 

Gold Jersey

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    The Commodores added a new dimension to the uniform sets with the reworked gold tops that will be worn in the 2012 season. The gold tops have a black shoulder addition, which adds a two-tone scheme to the jersey.

    The school name is emblazoned across the chest and adds a solid dimension to the jersey as well as the gold anchor at the V-neck, which is present on all of the new uniform designs.

    These will be an alternate jersey option for the Commodores, but with black pants, it will be some of the sharpest-looking unis on the gridiron this fall. 

All Black Tops See Changes

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    Vanderbilt is no stranger to all black uniforms, but there are some subtle changes to the new jersey that make it look more sleek than in years past.

    There was a white piping that wrapped the shoulders this past season, but the solid black look is a good move for the Commodores.

    Vanderbilt is taking the new clean look to heart and has followed the lead of other teams with the solid black jersey set. This is one that will look solid when the team takes the field this fall only rivaling the all whites that will be worn as well in 2012. 

Key Changes to the New Commodores Uniforms

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    The Vanderbilt athletics website lists key changes to this seasons jersey set.

    Since the first time since 1994, the Vanderbilt name will be emblazoned across the chest of all the Commodores jerseys. It is all caps and a welcomed return to tradition for the Commodores.

    The new gold jerseys bring the black shoulders listed previously, and a change from white numbers to black numbers outlined in gold trim.

    A gold anchor is found at the V-neck on all of the new jerseys, and the star V logo that adorns the helmet will be on both hips of the uniform pants.

    All in all, these are minor, but good and welcomed changes. Expect good reviews from the Vanderbilt faithful when the Commodores hit the field this fall.