Is Marvin Harrison Responsible for Peyton Manning's Success?

Football ManiaxsSenior Writer IFebruary 25, 2009

Marvin Harrison’s Indianapolis Colts career officially ended when the Indianapolis Colts granted him his release.

The release marks the end of the most prolific quarterback and wide receiver duo in NFL history.

During their magnificent journey together, Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison set NFL records for completions (971), receiving yards (13,090), and touchdowns (110).

The Colts had to make the move. Marvin Harrison is clearly on the downside of his NFL career.

He was set to make approximately $9 million in 2009. The Colts receive over $6 million in cap relief by making this move.

That was too much salary for a player coming off a season where his quarterback was the MVP of the NFL, yet Harrison only recorded 60 receptions for 636 yards and five touchdowns.

Two of those five touchdowns came in a 31-3 win over the Ravens, and Harrison recorded zero 100-yard games in 2008.

The question that is going to come up is who was more responsible for the other's success?

Is Peyton Manning in position to be a Hall of Fame quarterback because he played with a receiver as great as Marvin Harrison, or did Peyton Manning turn Marvin Harrison into a Hall of Fame receiver?

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