TNA Hardcore Justice 2012: Austin Aries, Kenny King and Stars That Shined

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistAugust 13, 2012

TNA’s Hardcore Justice was one of the better pay-per-views of 2012 from any company so far, and there were some definitive winners when the dust settled.

While Bully Ray and AJ Styles were obvious winners because of their 20-point wins in the Bound for Glory Series, there were much more important pieces that fell into place Sunday.

The following stars proved their worth to the company at Hardcore Justice and will be rewarded handsomely for their efforts.

Overall, it was an impressive showing by TNA Wrestling as a company and a sign of great things to come!


Austin Aries

After retaining the TNA world title, it is clear that Austin Aries is truly the face of TNA’s Impact Wrestling going forward. That is a very good move for the company.

The match with Bobby Roode was a great mixture of athleticism, skill and experience, but the fact that there is no rematch clause means Aries will be moving forward as the company’s champion.

With his in-ring prowess and abilities on the mic, Aries has proven himself to be one of the best competitors in all of wrestling. A-Double is to TNA what CM Punk was to WWE after his epic shoot promo last year.

If you’re not watching TNA, you’re missing out.


Kenny King

If you love any wrestling besides WWE, you may have heard the story about Kenny King leaving Ring of Honor to try out with TNA Impact Wrestling, being released by the former.

Just a few weeks later, King showed just how great he can be by putting on the best match of his life and stealing the show with Zema Ion. King may have lost, but the duo proved to the people in the back that this feud should continue.

With both men solid on the mic, TNA must allow this to develop into a deeper war of words that ultimately gets the fans to care about more than the amazing in-ring work.

If the fans start to care about King’s character, he will be a huge star in TNA.


Rob Van Dam

While many fans of wrestling have talked about how Rob Van Dam doesn’t have the touch anymore and how he is overrated, the match last night at Hardcore Justice proved that he still can go with the best of them.

Van Dam is one of the best workers in the world, and still to this day you could put him in any style match and expect it to be solid.

Add that match to a PPV card, and RVD leaves it all on the mat every time.

While there are times when he doesn’t look like he is going 100 percent on Impact Wrestling, RVD has never mailed it in on a PPV and always steals the show. He did it again Sunday night.


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