ROH/TNA News: ROH Parts Ways with Kenny King After Wrestling for TNA on Live TV

Gone Baby GoneContributerJuly 6, 2012


This one comes as no big surprise. However, it goes to show that you can't always have your cake and eat it too.

Thursday night, Impact Wrestling gave Kenny King a match while he was still considered to be part of Ring of Honor. King was awarded a spot in the X-Division tournament to determine who will be the next X-Division champion.

After that appearance, ROH responded with the following:

The contract Kenny King signed in June 2011 expired 11 days ago. Before that expiration, an agreement was reached between Kenny and ROH management for an extension of that contract, with a provision to allow him to negotiate with any other promotions so that he could evaluate his options and any potential interest in him elsewhere. When that short extension concluded he would then be free to accept an offer elsewhere, or sign another long term contract with ROH. Under this agreement, Kenny was free to negotiate but not to wrestle for another organization without ROH's permission.

He contacted ROH on Tuesday July 3 to inform us that he had a meeting in Orlando on Thursday, July 5, which was within the scope of the agreement he had made. Then, early morning on July 5, he contacted an ROH official to say he would be wrestling on the Orlando event that night. He was told he did not have permission to appear live on television as it violated the agreement that had been made.

We consider this breach of his verbal agreement unacceptable, and regardless of his future employment status with any other wrestling company, ROH will not be doing business with Kenny King going forward.

That was just a few excerpts from the statement, if you wish to read it in full, you can click here.

So, apparently there was some sort of grey area in terms of King's contract. ROH is in a bit of a bind now, as King is currently one-half of the ROH tag champs. Which means ROH will either have to declare the title vacant or give Rhett Titius a chance to get a new partner.

Overall, this does not bode well for the company, as King was considered by many to be an extremely talented young wrestler with a great future in ROH. On the other hand, things couldn't better for King. As he not only got out of his ROH deal, he also has a chance to not only be a contender for the X-Division title, but also a TNA contract.

Ultimately, I don't blame King for testing the waters. However, I feel he could have handled it better, as I have not doubt that TNA would have allowed him to finalize the terms of his ROH release, then place him in the tournament a few weeks later.

Especially considering the X-Division currently needs another breakout star and King could be just that.

In the end, I guess we will have to wait and see what the future holds for King and the ROH tag-titles.