Indianapolis Colts Training Camp Notebook: Pass First or Pass Only?

Nate DunlevyGuest ColumnistAugust 8, 2012

This is about all the work the Colts' backs are getting.
This is about all the work the Colts' backs are getting.Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

I stopped in at Indianapolis Colts camp in Anderson, Ind., last night, and here's what I took away from the visit.


Perhaps Fears of Running Offense were Overstated

The Colts aren't running the ball much in camp.

By "much" I mean at all. When you see reports of Luck throwing 45 passes, it's true that the number combines several drills, but it also reflects just how much they are working Luck's arm in camp.

It's true that for stretches of practice the Colts worked on two-minute drills, but it was interesting to note that Andrew Luck only handed the ball off five or six times the entire night.

That's continuing a theme from throughout the first week.

It may mean nothing at all, and the Colts could easily come out and run 30 times in Week 1, but so far, carries have been few and far between for the backs.


Pat McAfee Shouldn't Quit His Day Job

McAfee has been kicking a lot in Colts camp as the team rests the leg of Adam Vinatieri. That's a wise strategy, and it allows McAfee, who became an Internet sensation with his 70-plus yard field goals, to get some practice.

The results this preseason have been mixed. McAfee would be a great emergency option in the event of injury, but he sprays plenty of kicks as well.

Vinatieri isn't losing any sleep over his roster spot, that's for sure.


Luck Shows Frustration

The first week of practice everything came easily to Luck, but the last three workouts he hasn't been as in sync. Perhaps the Indianapolis pass defense is finally showing some teeth, but Luck's efficiency has decreased.

He's still posting what look like incredible stats, but fans shouldn't be misled. The Colts have worked in a lot of short passes and goal line drills. That leads to inflated completion percentages and touchdowns.  Even during rough patches, Luck still hits some great throws, but fans should not get over-excited about huge camp stats.

He looks more comfortable in seven on seven drills than in the 11 on 11 affairs where he typically faces more pressure.

Luck showed frustration on Tuesday night even after some completions. It's clear that not everything about his performance was up to his standards.

Luck will be good, but fans of the Colts need to temper expectations from the team and the first overall pick from Year 1.


Quick Hits

  • Dwight Freeney sat out Tuesday night's workout.
  • T.Y. Hilton showed excellent hands in snaring some passes.
  • Reggie Wayne came up slow after a route, but was apparently uninjured.
  • Fans were treated to fireworks after the practice.