Olympics 2012: 10 Coolest Photos from Day 11 of Summer Games

Blake DorfmanFeatured ColumnistAugust 7, 2012

Olympics 2012: 10 Coolest Photos from Day 11 of Summer Games

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    Think this is how that guy's vision looked after he dropped 400 pounds on his head Tuesday?

    The fact that the guy got up and fist-pumped made him the badass of the London Olympics.

    Speaking of badass, the cool photos just keep on coming. While a lot of you have been viewing these slideshows, we haven't seen enough comments with proposed captions. So, pick your favorite from the following list and write the number with a good caption in the comments section. Do it!

    Anyway, here are the 10 coolest photos from the Day 11 of the London Olympics.

10. Tunnel of Terror

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    First in Beijing and now in London. Chinese hero Liu Xiang injured himself yet again in the 110-meter hurdles and was helped off the track by fellow competitors.

9. Black Gold

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    Kim Hyeon-Woo of South Korea won the 66-kilogram gold in Greco-Roman wrestling with his right eye bruised shut.

8. Stadium Shot

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    Olympic track and field has a sense of grandeur about it that's hard to find anywhere else in sports.

7. Synchronicity

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    Did anyone else's synchronized swimming fantasy team tank today?

6. I See You

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    Gumby would have been an awesome high jumper.

5. Shirt Shredder

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    Robert Harting of Germany must have watched The Incredible Hulk before winning the discus final.

4. In Need of Ex-Lax

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    These diving photos just don't get old.

3. Still Waiting...

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    ...for beer pong to become an Olympic sport.

2. Wonder Wall

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    OK, on three, everyone close your eyes and jump.

1. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie

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    Sally Pearson set an Olympic record as the rain fell in the 100-meter hurdles.