German Weightlifter Matthias Steiner Drops 432 Pounds on Head and Lives

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German Weightlifter Matthias Steiner Drops 432 Pounds on Head and Lives
Lars Baron/Getty Images

German weightlifter Matthias Steiner dropped 432 pounds on his noggin. 

There is only one way to watch Olympic weightlifting competitions, and that's through cringed eyes as you continue to wince. As every athlete strains and fights the weight, the thought that the worst is around the corner continues to affect your viewing. 

Steiner made good on that expectation, but thankfully, he left the mat on his own accord. 

Timothy Burke of Deadspin has the remarkable video of 432 pounds bouncing off the head of a very big man. 

You never want the blue drape of doom to come out after a weightlifting attempt, because that means something rather horrible went down. 

This was no exception. 

Photo Credit: Deadspin

As Burke tells us, the gold medal winner from the Beijing Olympics attempted to snatch 196 kilograms, or just over 432 pounds.

The bar got behind him and fell to the back of his head. As he laid in pain, officials came out and tended to him, no doubt fearing the worst. 

Lars Baron/Getty Images
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

But amazingly, he got up and walked off the mat under his own volition, like a beast.

The Associated Press reports he didn't come out for his third attempt. 

No matter. The fact that he took this weight to the dome and still walked away makes him more of a man than I will ever be. 

I will continue to stay clear of weights and bar bells. Things just seem safer that way. 

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