Manchester United Transfer News: Is Usain Bolt Serious About a United Trial?

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Manchester United Transfer News: Is Usain Bolt Serious About a United Trial?
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Usain Bolt is one cool dude.

He's cool, he's fast and he'll go down as arguably the greatest sprinter in history.

And according to latest reports, he wants a trial with Manchester United—something that was laughed at a couple of weeks back when the Jamaican sprinter posted this video via Youtube.

We all watched the video, had a laugh and wondered about what it would look like for the fastest man in the world to don the Red Devils strip at some point in the future?

We speculated how incredible and amazing it truly would be to watch the fastest man in history playing for Manchester United.

However, we dared not to get caught up in it to much—I mean, it was just one big joke after all, right?

Maybe not.

Bolt is quoted via The Sun as saying:

People think I'm joking [about playing for Manchester United]. But if Sir Alex Ferguson came up to me and said, "OK, let's do this, come and have a trial", it would be impossible for me to say no.

I would not take up the challenge if I didn't think I was good enough. I am a very accomplished player and I know I could make a difference. I would be the fastest player in the team but I can play as well.

I am in Britain for a few more days. If Alex Ferguson wants to give me a call, he knows where I am...

Let's all just breathe for a moment.

The likelihood of Bolt playing at Old Trafford—well it is simply unthinkable—but maybe, just maybe, there's reason to believe.

Julia Vynokurova/Getty Images

Nobody has really seen the Jamaican play football properly so we have no idea how he would go, and he seems to have great confidence in his ability. Having said that, that is to be expected from the reigning world record holder and gold medalist.

Should Sir Alex Ferguson give the man a call? Absolutely.

Football fans—United or not—would relish the opportunity to watch him play football. Think of the crowd attendances, the jersey sales, the Twitter buzz—think of the impact it would have on the global branding of football.

Give the man a call Sir Alex, and make every football fan's dream. 

Just kick it long and hope for the best.

You should have an answer in about 9.63 seconds.

Is Usain Bolt worth the phone call? 

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