Five Reasons Not To Watch The NFL Draft

John GehanCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2009

I love football as much as any guy, probably more. Staying in on the first day of the NFL draft, ordering pizza and drinking a few beers, is my normal routine.

Why do we watch the draft? Is it an excuse to watch anything football-related? Is it an outside chance that your team drafts the next Tom Brady? No, most people watch the draft for the simple fact that it’s the “draft” and it’s been beaten in our heads with a big media mallet to do so.

Here are my top five reasons to skip the NFL draft:

The Detroit Lions

Arguably the best player in the draft is Michael Crabtree, a hobbled WR who will be an absolute stud in the NFL. We all know how the Lions lick their chops when wide receivers are available. If the Lions choose Michael Crabtree, Lions fans should drive to owner William Clay Ford’s house and burn it down (that is to say he actually lives in Detroit, which is doubtful).

It's too long

The NFL draft is the most drawn-out event in the history of sports, period. Teams are given too much time to consider something that should have been decided in the six months that preceded it. If a team (*cough* Vikings) can’t make a choice in six months and fifteen minutes, that front office deserves a swift kick.

They're too young

With 46 underclassmen entering this year’s draft, I have to ask what they are thinking. Get your degree, because if football ends up not working out, what are you going to do? Teach physical education? You have a long shot at starting within the next five years anyway; develop your game and your mind!

Draft commentators

If I have to hear one more prediction gone wrong, I may go crazy. If I have to hear Cris Carter, Suzy Kolber, or Trent Dilfer give their expert analysis, I might need therapy. The only person that has any valid opinion is Mike Golic, as his insight is usually intelligent and relevant.

The combine

I absolutely hate the fact that the media pumps up the whole event. Combine results and top prospects mean nothing.

I’m not saying to totally boycott the NFL draft this year. What I’m saying is, while your watching and drinking that beer, read the label, it’s probably more intriguing.