NBA Trade Rumors: Why You Should Still Care What Happens to Dwight Howard

Adam Fromal@fromal09National NBA Featured ColumnistAugust 7, 2012

Feb 24, 2012; Orlando, FL, USA;  Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard waves to fans at the 2012 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game at the Orange County Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-US PRESSWIRE

If it seems like Dwight Howard is always in the news, it's because he is. The Dwightmare way before Christmas just continues to drag on and on. 

Sam Amico of has the latest report, which claims that Howard could be traded in the very near future:

While some sources said the Magic could possibly hold on to Howard until the February trading deadline, the majority seem to think the team will again try working the phones to see what develops. 

Groan. I can just here it now.  

"Tell us when something actually happens."

"We've been hearing the same story for the last year. Is anything new?"

"Why do we care what happens to that [insert name here]?"

All of these are valid questions. The constant rumor mill surrounding Dwight Howard is constantly pumping out information and anonymous sources, with a new thought or a recycled old one emerging every day. 

If you're tired of the NBA's best center, you're right to feel that way. We're all burned out on Dwight. 

That being said, you still have to care if you're an NBA fan. Any move involving one of the league's top-10 players has major ramifications on the landscape of The Association and could even swing the title from one team to another. 

Dwight is such a dominant player on both ends of the court that he can almost single-handedly lift a team into the playoffs. Put him on the Charlotte Bobcats, and that team competes for the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference. 

However, we aren't talking about D12 changing locales to Charlotte. We're discussing the Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets and occasionally the Houston Rockets

The Lakers become title favorites if they land Superman. The Nets are immediately contenders during their first season in the Barclays Center. 

Houston would compete for a playoff spot at the very least. 

Whatever ends up happening to Howard, it's a very significant move for the entire NBA. 

So, let's revisit those earlier questions: 

"Tell us when something actually happens."

Okay, we will. I promise. It's not like the story stops when pieces begin to move. 

"We've been hearing the same story for the last year. Is anything new?"

Yes. Time is progressing and Rob Hennigan is getting closer to being forced into a move. He can't risk letting Dwight walk for nothing in free agency. 

"Why do we care what happens to that [insert name here]?"

You're an NBA fan.