New York Jets: Their Future Post-Favre

Eric RogersContributor IFebruary 23, 2009

With the Brett Favre era over and the Chad Pennington era over, people are asking what is next for the New York Jets?

With a clean slate heading into the offseason, there are many answers to this question. One of many names being mentioned thus far will be engraved on this clean slate in New York.

There are three names as of this moment that are up for the running. Of course I am referring to people who are actually on the Jets like Kellen Clemens, Brett Ratliff, and Erik Ainge.

But there is only one name I want to see engraved into this clean slate and become the next Jets quarterback. Only one name that is suitable enough to bring the Jets into its new age of football. One name that will strike fear into the hearts of their opponents.

Who is that player? His name is Brett Ratliff.

Ratliff is the man I want to see next year behind Nick Mangold, in front of Thomas Jones, and to the left of Tony Richardson. He is ready to begin reading the defense, making the audibles, calling hike, and throwing the ball.

That is the man I want to see become a threat to defenses in the NFL, which people actually have say to themselves, "Dammit we are facing the Jets and that means we have to put up with Brett Ratliff."

OK, now hear me out.

Lets go back to week two of the preseason against the Washington Redskins.

I remember seeing Kellen Clemens fumbling the ball and falling all over himself. He tripped over his back foot as he was stepping back into the pocket about three times.

Towars the end of the third quarter, they finally put in Brett Ratliff. What does he do on his second drive of the game? They drive down the field and score a field goal.

Did I mention they didn't score once with Clemens as QB?

Ratliff would have also have had a touchdown, but he threw it to a wide open receiver who dropped it. Clemens did not get anywhere close to the end zone.

Here, lets get some stats involved.

This is against the Redskins in week two of the preseason

B. Ratliff: 13-19 passing, 148-yards, 7.8 avg.

K. Clemens: 5-12 passing, 63-yards, 5.3 avg.

Many Ratliff critics say that this doesn't prove anything because it was only the preseason. He has not even played a regular season game yet.

In reality, this very same idea also proves he that is not bad. He has not even played a regular season game yet so you can't say he is bad either.

Now, I may be getting a little off topic here, but I also want to mention another name that I would like to see on the field next year catching Ratliff's passes.

A player who will also become a threat in the NFL, making people fear the Jets even more. This man is wide receiver David Clowney.

Ratliff hooked up with Clowney in week one of the preseason against the Browns twice.

Each was a 70-yard pass down the field for a touchdown. Clowney could become a great downfield receiver. He has good acceleration, gets down the field quickly, and has good hands.

I am going to call it now.

Mark my words that Ratliff and Clowney are going to be hooking up like Tom Brady and Randy Moss from the 2007-2008 season.

Now if you are not currently bursting out laughing at what I just said, please try to hold in it and continue reading, you can laugh at the end. You probably don't believe what I'm saying, but believe me it is going to happen.

Maybe it will happen next year or the year after that. But when it does happen you will remember this article and say, "I can't believe that Eric Rogers guy was right!"

You will remember that you were laughing when you first read that sentence about Ratliff and Clowney hooking up like Brady and Moss. You are going to say, "How could I have ever been so wrong in all my life?"

So I am saying it now,

Patriots, Dolphins, Bills, and Giants beware, AFC beware, NFC beware, and all of the NFL beware because the Jets are coming. They are bringing a new era of football and Brett Ratliff will beat Tom Brady's "50" touchdowns in one season record.

Football will have a new name five years from now and that name will be the Jets.

J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!