Tony Romo Will Not Bring a Super Bowl to the Dallas Cowboys

D'Joumbarey Moreau@@alldayballin247Correspondent IAugust 2, 2012

Tony Romo is back again for redemption
Tony Romo is back again for redemptionRich Schultz/Getty Images

Winning is considered a habit. How long must a player continue to fail, for fans to keep believing in his ability?

The Dallas Cowboys are a team who is afflicted the play of their starting quarterback Tony Romo.

Riding the hopes that he will deliver Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys yet another championship to their illustrious franchise, the 2012 season will be another pressure-filled year for Romo.  

Fans who have bought into the hype of Romo continue to support him though his failure, which now outweighs his success on the NFL

In 2011 Romo arguably played his best season in the NFL. After throwing for 4,184 yards and only 10 interceptions he showed that he too could be labelled in the Top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL. Also further showing his forward progression, Romo completed 66 percent of his passes and posted a QB rating of 102.5.  

The stellar play of Romo though was to no avail. As Dallas only finished with a .500 record, going a mediocre 8-8.  This was yet another season that Dallas Cowboys fans felt let them pass away.

In the NFC East where the competition is elite, the Cowboys had to suckle at the fact the New York Giants won their second Vince Lombardi Trophy during the Tony Romo era in Dallas.  

Though next season is a new year against their NFC East rivals, it most likely will not get better. After losing both of their regular season games to the the Eagles and the Giants respectively, the Cowboys only won two games against the Redskins.

The bolstering NFC East competition got even more stiff. The Redskins have drafted the rookie phenom Robert Griffin III. The Giants are amidst a title defense, while the Eagles are looking to finally have the dream season for their dream team. The Cowboys are hoping to finally reach the playoffs , where they can attempt to cast away Romo's playoff demons.

Jessica Simpson, Carrie Underwood and the Dallas Cowboys fans all have something in common. Tony Romo has been breaking their hearts since he entered into their lives.  

Granted that Tony Romo has come a long way from being an undrafted free agent from Eastern Illinois to becoming the quarterback who took over the reigns from the All-Pro quarterback Drew Bledsoe. But since becoming the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, Romo has won as many playoff games as the Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow

Unlike Tebow, Romo is a gifted passer who can also evade defenders in the pocket. His ability to read a defense is excellent and he is gifted at making hot read adjustments at the line of scrimmage. 

The thing that does differ from Romo and Tebow is that when the lights get brighter and the stage becomes bigger, Romo tends to disappear rather than shine like the star on his helmet  

The beginning of fans noticing his lack of clutch ability was during his first playoff game.  

The assignment given to Romo was an easy one. Hold the snap in order for Martin Gramatica to attempt a game winning field goal inside of the ruckus home crowd in Seattle.

Only in his first season starting, he fumbled the snap, which was only 19 yards away. A field goal that was closer than an extra point.  

Recovering from a the disappointment to eventually winning a playoff game later in his career, Romo is again under the microscope and will have to deliver next season. 

Not statistically—that's not good enough.

But in the wins and losses category. 

Cowboys fans are still optimistic and granted they should be, as they want to see the Cowboys return to the excellence that was met when Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith brought to the lone star state.

The difference between now and then is, none of them are walking through the door.

Romo, who already has his lion share of talent at disposal on the roster, has still failed to breakthrough. The list of some of his excellent pass catchers include weapons such as Jason Witten, Terrell Owens, Dez Bryant and Miles Austin.

Tony Romo is another botched snap waiting to happen, a mistimed interception or an untimely drive-killing sack. 

Be prepared Dallas, you have been warned.