WWE: Why Eve Should Become a Manager

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJuly 31, 2012

photo from WWE.com
photo from WWE.com

With her once-promising WWE career now badly floundering, former Divas Champion Eve Torres needs to try something different before she stumbles into complete irrelevancy in the company.

It’s sad that Eve has become so woefully under-used in recent times, garnering little TV or promo time and often misses entire episodes of Raw and SmackDown.

With her wrestling skills, stunning good looks and charisma, she is easily one of the most talented and well-rounded women the company has ever had on their roster.

WWE seemed to have the right idea earlier this year, with the former NBA dancer being the recipient of a huge heel push after she turned on love interest Zack Ryder, admitting she was simply using him for the fame.

After this character change, Torres rose to prominence in the promotion, becoming the right-hand woman to John Laurinaitis as a member of his heel administration. She garnered more air time and promo segments than almost any other woman in WWE at that point.

Of course, due to various factors—mainly Laurinaitis being fired on-screen, with the heel cabinet being disbanded, and Eve taking a few months off to do a reality show—she lost the momentum she once had. After a successful run, she is now on the verge of just being another Diva.

So, how can Eve turn things around?

Of course, she could always go back to in-ring competition. However, considering the dire state of the current Divas division, it remains to be seen how much good that will do her.

Let's face it: If Divas Champion Layla El can barely get any TV time, what makes anyone think Eve, who doesn’t even hold a title, will be any different?

No. It seems at this point the best bet is for Eve to become a manager to one of the male wrestlers.

Let’s face it: female managers in the company are better utilized and are more heavily featured than women wrestlers like Tamina Snuka, Beth Phoenix or Natalya Neidhart (who are rarely seen on TV and, if they do snag some precious screen-time, are usually only allowed to have their matches go a few minutes or so).

Look at Vickie Guerrero, currently one of the most over heel acts in the company. Or Rosa Mendes, who was languishing badly as a wrestler for several years, before becoming valet to top tag team Epico and Primo.

Perhaps the best example of how becoming a manager can help a Diva is rising star AJ Lee. Her in-ring career was nothing special—her Chickbusters tag team with Kaitlyn never truly got off the ground—but after becoming Daniel Bryan’s manager/girlfriend, she quickly rose to the top of the company—and now serves as general manager to the entire show.

With this in mind, Eve needs to develop a business relationship with some floundering mid-carder—someone who could use the Diva Search winner to add some much-needed glitz and glamour to his act.

There are a few options: Tensai, Heath Slater, Jack Swagger or even the long-neglected Tyson Kidd (Eve may have to turn back face, though).

Of course, this may not be the perfect answer; if WWE is marginalising their lower mid-card acts, as they seem to be doing, it remains to be seen how much Eve, who is being equally ignored and under-utilized, will be able to help.

However, the company should nonetheless try—Eve was a tremendous heel act and a big asset to the company at one point, and with a new role she surely could be again.