Miami Heat: Breaking Down the Pros and Cons of Each Offseason Move

Joshua Carroll@JoshmaniiiCorrespondent IIJuly 31, 2012

Miami Heat: Breaking Down the Pros and Cons of Each Offseason Move

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    Coming off an NBA championship, the Miami Heat have seemingly put together a better team. On paper at least. 

    However, with the good comes the bad. 

    Nobody has talked about Miami being worse than they were last year, only about the improvement they foresee over the next year.

    At the risk of sounding pessimistic, Miami will have to work even harder for a Heat-peat.

    While other teams are improving throughout the league, the Heat are working to surround their best players with the best talent. 

    Mission accomplished, but when it comes to actually playing basketball in October, the tide can quickly turn.

Signing of Ray Allen

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    When it comes to signing Ray Allen, the list is seemingly endless.

    One of the greatest shooters the NBA has ever seen will pair up with Miami's Big Three, in particular with LeBron James, who arguably draws the most attention in the league.

    Without a doubt, playing with this team, Allen will get more open jump shots than he ever has in his career. 

    If he can get healthy and get back to being the Ray-Ray we used to know, the Heat can be more dangerous than we have ever seen before.


    Needless to say, the Heat are an intense team, on defense especially. 

    Allen does not exactly fit the mode of a defensive stopper. 

    With the signing of Allen they will gain a pure shooter, but what they gain in accuracy from the arc, they will lose in defensive intensity and abilities. 

    Allen is getting up there in age. He's not as fast or as athletic as he used to be. 

    At the end of the day, he might have a little trouble hanging with Miami when the going gets tough.

Signing of Rashard Lewis

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    Lewis fits the mold of exactly the type of player Pat Riley has been obsessed with the last few years.

    Riley loves guys that can play multiple positions and, more importantly, stretch the floor even more so than Bosh already does for LeBron and Wade.

    Lewis will come in and be able to do just that for Miami. But aside from that, nobody is exactly sure what else he will be able to bring to the table.


    Although Lewis can play multiple positions, he surely doesn't thrive at all of them. 

    He may stand 6'11", but he does not protect the rim or play any type of stellar post defense. 

    Where Lewis gets his minutes will be where Udonis Haslem loses them. Not quite sure how this will ultimately work out for Miami.

    Haslem, a glue guy who is quietly one of the better rebounders in the NBA, will be nowhere as productive watching from the bench.

The Return of Mike Miller

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    The return of Mike Miller was surprising for many fans after injury-riddled seasons for the shooter during the past two years.

    However, its always a good thing when you can get a guy back who knocked down seven three-pointers in a NBA Finals closeout game.

    With Miller and Ray Allen on the floor at the same time, help defense may be the death of Heat opponents.


    Too much of a good thing can sometimes be a bad thing, and the Heat may have too many shooters.

    More particularly, too many guys that do the same thing.

    There is nothing wrong with having specialist on a roster, but too many of them makes for a very uneven and unstable one. 

    Will we simply see Allen take the minutes Miller logged last year or will we see head coach Erik Spoelstra struggle as he attempts to get both of them solid minutes?

    This is something that can ultimately be a very big issue in Miami.

Chemistry Issues

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    The good news for the Heat is that their core talents, Wade, Bosh, LeBron are returning. Along with key guys like Shane Battier, Mario Chalmers, Mike Miller, etc.

    The more players you have returning, the easier it is to incorporate others into the organization. 


    The Heat have proven before that you can't just throw great players together and make great things happen. 

    Like with all things worth winning, it takes hard work.

    Sure, this team will be great on NBA 2K. But developing chemistry in real-life is a task much more difficult.

    Another experiment in this Big 3 ere bringing aboard Allen and Lewis and I see it going terribly wrong or being a huge success that results in Miami capturing their second title in a row for the first time in franchise history.

Wade and Bosh Sitting out the Olympics

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    It only makes sense that Wade and Bosh do what’s best for the organization that signs their checks. As anti-patriotic as that sounds.

    This will really help the Heat come next season.  A well-rested Wade is something not seen in a very long time and I think, with his most recent surgery, Wade will play as the superstar fans have come and love soon enough.

    Meanwhile, after just a few weeks of rest, Bosh showed how much of a force he could be in the playoffs.

    A well-rested Wade and Bosh, plus LeBron in his prime, may just equal another championship for the Heat.


    The only cons I can see foresee here for the Heat is if Bosh and Wade come back too rusty.

    Even if they do, it will only be a matter of time before they return to old form and all the juices are flowing again.