WWE: Heath Slater Should Get a Rematch Against Randy Orton

The EndAnalyst IJuly 31, 2012

One Man RKO, baby!
One Man RKO, baby!

I imagine, after looking at the title of this article, you did a Zack Ryder and went, "Are you serious, bro?" Not only am I serious, I also think it would be the perfect closure for Heath Slater's current run, especially if he is destined for better things than just being a jobber.

The "One man rock band, baby!" has recently been on a roll, being put in matches with WWE legends, most of whom have summarily executed him. And, he has personally executed the story of his own execution to perfection. He can sell a finishing move like few before him—Vince McMahon's or The Rock's selling of the Stone Cold Stunner is something we talk about, years after they actually happened.

The Viper, Randy Orton, also had his career built up after facing multiple legends. Unlike Heath the "One Man..." Slater, Orton actually built a reputation of humiliating and/or destroying legends. Hence, he had the moniker, "The Legend Killer" when he was an integral part of Evolution.

But, now, with his numerous world title reigns and historic matches, Orton is himself a legend. And, despite his recent suspension for use of an unapproved substance, he will certainly retire as one of the better decorated WWE superstars of all time. That is his destiny! (No offence Del Rio, but Orton was destiny's child—no, not Beyoncé, long before you rode your first Rolls Royce Phantom to the arena.)

And, when Randy Orton made his return after the ill-fated suspension on Monday Night Raw, destiny (with a little help from Vince McMahon and his staff) would have it that he would face the One Man associated with all things legendary. Unfortunately, it was a quick squash—like most Heath Slater matches tend to be.

So, why am I suggesting that Heath face Randy Orton one more time? Especially since there are people with whom Orton has unfinished business? (The Miz and Wade Barrett come to mind. Perhaps even Cody Rhodes.)

With SummerSlam around the corner, there is the need for Orton to be in a match at the pay-per-view. But the match should be based on a feud. And, a feud might need some time to develop, especially if it is to be a credible affair.

But, there is a shortcut. Anyone who ends up humiliating the Apex Predator would definitely be on his crosshairs.

So, this is what I am suggesting. Heath Slater should demand a rematch against Orton and get his death-wish fulfilled. However, with Orton and Slater in the ring, The Miz should come down to the ring and distract the referee, while Rhodes and Barrett sneak in and knock out Orton, leading to a Heath Slater victory.

What does this accomplish? It sets up an interesting feud and gives Slater a major payoff for his months of facing legends.

What about Randy Orton? He demands to face all three of those who attacked him. While he is offered a tag team match, he says that he works alone. So, he gets a three-on-one handicap match.

But, what is to stop the handicap match from either being a mauling or making Orton get a ridiculous victory like John Cena usually does? An added stipulation. Whosoever gets the pinfall victory in the match will be the new No. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

So, even after the trio get Orton down, they cannot agree on who is going to pin him. This will definitely lead to infighting, which Orton can use to his advantage. And, no matter who wins the match, they can go on to have a splendid feud for the WHC. And, we get an interesting match-up at SummerSlam 25!