MLB Rumors: Yankees Should Trade for Willie Bloomquist as a-Rod's Substitute

David DanielsSenior Writer IJuly 30, 2012

PHOENIX, AZ - JULY 06:  Willie Bloomquist #18 of the Arizona Diamondbacks at bat during the MLB game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Chase Field on July 6, 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona.   The Diamondbacks defeated the Dodgers 5-3.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Brian Cashman must go big or stay home.

According to the latest MLB rumors, if the New York Yankees pull the trigger on a trade-deadline deal, it’ll likely be for a third baseman. But if they have to make a move, it should be for a player that provides a significant upgrade.

Wallace Matthews of ESPN reported this past week that Cashman was perfectly content with replacing the injured Alex Rodriguez with in-house talent. He said:

Eric Chavez is the solution. Chavez is the solution and Jayson Nix is the solution, and whoever we have in the farm system are going to have to be the solution. I'm very comfortable with Eric Chavez as Alex's replacement.

That doesn’t sound like the Yankees GM is determined to acquire an upgrade. John Heyman of CBSSports, though, would lead you to believe otherwise.

He reported that the Yanks have a long list of third basemen that they’ll potentially pursue. Names that were labeled as realistic targets include Willie Bloomquist, Yunel Escobar, Chone Figgins, Jose Lopez, Brendan Ryan, Cody Ransom and Ty Wigginton.

The problem with that list, though, is that half of those players are offensive liabilities and wouldn’t provide an upgrade to Chavez and Jayson Nix. Figgins and Ryan are batting under .200 this season, and Ransom barely eclipses the mark. At least Chavez and Nix bat .250.

Again, if the Bronx Bombers are going to make a splash, it has to be from a cannon ball. Bloomquist is the only third baseman on the list worth trading for.

This season, he’s batting .300 for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He hasn’t hit a home run this season, but he’ll put the ball in play and keep innings alive. Bloomquist would be a major upgrade to Chavez and Nix.

If the price is right, New York should pull the trigger. But if not, every other option is a waste of time and resources.


David Daniels is a featured columnist at Bleacher Report and a syndicated writer.