TNA Wrestling: Which Star Should Be Behind the Aces and Eights Group?

Daniel Peragine@DPMajesticCoSenior Analyst IIJuly 29, 2012

Credit: Lee South, TNA Wrestling
Credit: Lee South, TNA Wrestling

Over the course of the past several weeks, the new heel fraction group Aces and Eights have been appearing on TNA Impact! Wrestling. Aces and Eights have grown into a larger group over time and are creating a stir among wrestling fans with their sneaky attacks on several TNA stars such as Sting, Hulk Hogan, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle and others.

Aces and Eights are a group of masked men who are notorious for taking out members of the TNA roster. They could certainly be compared to the nWo group back in 1996 when it took WCW by storm.

With no clear leader of the group, who should TNA select to become just that?

The July 26th edition of Impact! teased that James Storm would be the man behind Aces and Eights. After all, the group decided to leave Storm unharmed and go after Styles in their mid-show match. However, does Storm fit the bill to make a strong, heel impression?

Another pick that could make sense is Joey Ryan. Ryan, who was voted off the TNA Gut Check challenge earlier this summer, is making a strong statement by appearing on select Impact! episodes. Ryan is becoming a rising star and has plenty of potential to lead Aces and Eights. Should TNA gamble with Ryan being the leader?

Jeff Jarrett, who has been off TNA television for a few months, would also be another choice. Jarrett has the most experience as a heel character. However, he was with the Immortal group last year and seeing the man who founded TNA partner with Aces and Eights would not make too much sense. The only positive to having Jarrett lead is his experience.


Who should lead?

After seeing the build up TNA is doing with Aces and Eights, I would have to pick Joey Ryan to become the new leader of the group. It makes sense in many ways because Ryan has the potential to be a strong heel in the wrestling business. Ryan has already caused plenty of drama within TNA by appearing on Gut Check segments on Impact! Wrestling and going after the judges who voted him off.

I find it very welcoming for TNA to select Ryan. He is a young talent, hungry for success and has the character to complete the puzzle.


Why not James Storm?

Although I believe Storm would do decent as the leader, TNA should not flip the switch on his current run. I like how Storm is being questioned and it provides more power to Aces and Eights. However, it does not feel right for Storm to lead. TNA should continue to use Storm as a fan favorite wrestler and continue to make his march to the TNA Heavyweight title. 

Aces and Eights is becoming more exciting to watch because of the mystery behind them. What is their mission? Who is behind the masks? Which wrestler will be revealed as the leader of Aces and Eights?

One thing is for certain: Everyone must stay tuned to find out.