Combine Woes: Michael Crabtree Injured, Andre Smith Leaves

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2009

Well, we sure have had an interesting combine. This just being the second day of the combine, there has been two headlines, and neither are positive.

First, Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech, the best wide receiver in the draft, suffered a stress fracture in his foot and will have to have surgery on it.

We all knew he was having some minor foot problems, but this stress fracture is much worse. He won't be fully healthy for 6-10 weeks and this injury will decrease his draft value.

He was first thought to be a lock for a top five pick and numerous draft boards had him as the best prospect in the draft.

This injury could cause him to fall a little. Still, don't be surprised if the Seattle Seahawks take him at four, but now teams will be a little reluctant to select him so high.

A team that might benefit from this is the Oakland Raiders. Al Davis would love to see Crabtree fall to him. It is unlikely, but still possible.

Another team that would benefit is the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars will likely go after a receiver. They most likely won't get Crabtree, but they have a better shot at getting the second-best receiver.

The second headline from the combine is Andre Smith left the combine. Smith got on a plane and left for Atlanta.

His reason is because he is out of shape and he wants to go to his physical trainer. This is a big time red flag for Smith, it shows some immaturity on Smith's part, and some unprofessionalism.

This could also affect his draft stock, as some had the Detroit Lions taking him at No. 1 overall. This could make the Lions pass on him and he could be in a freefall from there.

The St. Louis Rams might still take him at No. 2 but the Rams might decide to take Eugene Monroe from Virginia.

Whatever is to happen it should be interesting.

I still expect both of these players to stay in the top 10 and possibly stay in the top five.