Why Release Gibril Wilson?

tim spoonauerContributor IFebruary 21, 2009

I was very surprised with this move from the raiders. I can definitely approve of the other two of Edwards and curry but idk about Wilson. Wilson was our best safety on the roster and came with his fair share of problems. But he was great against the run even though that didn't help much because of our D-line. I assume this means that we are keeping huff which i think would've been a better release.

We need players who can play the safety position Eugene is an alright free safety because he can tackle but he is lacking in pass coverage much as Wilson was. So We are ganna have to get two safeties by the way of the draft or free agency because i don't see anyone on our roster ready to step up. Let me name our safety roster now...

Micheal Huff- Definition of underachiever has done nothing in his three years. We can only hope Huff is like Nnamdi and will come out of crap stage of his career and be nasty. Huff wasn't strong enough to play strong safety. Which is why we got Gibril right? Huff couldn't make plays after preseason at FS this year so i'm kind of wondering what can he do to help this team win!

Rashad Baker- Looked like he could be a good come in guy at safety to give the starter a rest for a couple plays. Had three interceptions and played the ball well when he played. Was a decent tackler and Raiders might be smart to see if he can play the spot permanently this year to see if he can progress and be a decent starter. But will never be a playmaking/game changing safety in my opinion.

Hiram Eugene- Eugene is a solid player a better tackler than huff but not a great tackler. Has problems with pass coverage like all our safeties have besides Baker it looks like. Took over after huff proved he couldn't handle being the last line of defense, was solid against the run when it got to his level which is why he is worth keeping.

Tyvon Branch- Since we drafted him I've heard nothing but good things about Branch in practice and from the players. From what I've seen he is a nasty gunner on Special Teams. During preseason he was learning the safety position and broke a finger I believe it was.

So his mistakes in preseason I can forgive and its preseason. He has yet to play safety in a big situation so I assume we will see if he can be a playmaker for the raiders our if he is just a gunner.

These guys right now are good, strong back ups we just got to hope two of them can step up and make plays. Maybe the Raiders will pick up a couple of safeties for competion from the draft and free agency but for now I don't understand dropping Gibril Wilson.