The Not-So-Best Games to Watch in 2012-13 NBA Season

Zachary James@ZacharyWJamesCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2012

The Not-So-Best Games to Watch in 2012-13 NBA Season

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    Now that the NBA schedule is out, fans, pundits, players and coaches alike all look at the schedule just like high school student-athletes look for their names on the tryout list.

    Some of the games are top-notch, such as Boston Celtics playing the Miami Heat or the Los Angeles Clippers getting another Christmas Day game.

    However, with the good comes the bad.

    Some of these games are going to be atrocious to watch. So bad that some may even let the significant other take the remote for a night.

    Here are those games which the preceding can be allowed.

October 30: Washington Wizards vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

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    When opening up the season, the ultimate idea for David Stern is to instantly put fans in a lull by giving them two teams who will improve slightly, but still miss the playoffs.

    Sure, Kyrie Irving and John Wall will face off, but one individual matchup does not make a full game.

    Give the fans something to watch. The Wizards and Cavaliers on a national stage is like showing a B-list singing artist perform on a big stage (Wait, we have seen that).

November 9: New Orleans Hornets vs. Charlotte Bobcats

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    There's nothing that we love more than to watch two bad teams go at it.

    The New Orleans Hornets finished 21-45 last season. Meanwhile, the Charlotte Bobcats won a measly third of those games. Add up the teams' two wins and it doesn't add up to 30. It doesn't take a high school dropout to know that these two teams aren't very good.

    Sure, there will be some good prospects in this game to watch, such as "The Uni-brow," (Anthony Davis), but outside of that, the level of interest here will be the equivalent of a mid-major NCAA women's basketball game.

    I'm sure the East Carolina Pirates will be home on this night to give basketball fans a good alternative.

November 24: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Miami Heat

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    It's a shame this game was once a prime-time attention grabber.

    Now, it's just another lonely line on the ticker at the bottom of the screen.

    Back on February 17 last season, not only did LeBron James score 24 points against his hometown crew, the Miami Heat also hammered the Cleveland Cavaliers 111-87.

    James has averaged 23.3 PPG against his former team, and has just embarrassed the Cavaliers since he took his talents to South Beach.

    Mix this all up in a pot and all that will come out will be vapor.

December 5 (and February 26): Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Chicago Bulls

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    This game is on my list for one reason: it's on ESPN for the first head-to-head matchup.

    The Bulls are one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference, but show them against teams worthy of playing against. Even show them against Memphis for all I care, but don't waste your airwaves on this one, ESPN. Then again, you are ESPN.

    Cleveland cannot hold a candle to the Bulls, and even if they did, it would be a fluke. Every basketball fan (who isn't crazy or lives in Cleveland) knows who the better team is. So why show this game?

December 5: Toronto Raptors vs. Sacramento Kings

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    First off, who else outside the capitol of California knew the Kings still had a basketball team?

    The team who is awkwardly placed outside of the United States faces the team who does a brilliant job of avoiding any and all media attention in the southwestern corner of the U.S.

    Neither one of these teams did all that bad last season. Sacramento had the sixth-best offense, but their defense was sub-par.

    Toronto could say the same.

    Besides, this game doesn't even sound sexy. Toronto vs. Sacramento. Makes me want to shudder.

December 26 and February 4: Charlotte Bobcats vs. Miami Heat

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    Somewhere when David Stern saw this schedule for the first time, he let out a pretty big chuckle when seeing this matchup.

    The day before for the Heat is a big one. They get to see the Thunder on Christmas who they defeated in the Finals. Big game for them.

    In terms of February 4, eh, no one will care. Put Harry Doyle in the booth!

    The next day: the Bobcats come to town. After the red carpet rolls out, the Bobcats will likely get rolled up in it.

    Charlotte playing Miami isn't even fair. Charlotte won seven games all season; Miami's longest winning streak over the regular season was eight (Feb. 10-23).

    Miami will undoubtedly add another win to their record, and if they don't, LeBron should give his ring back.

January 7: San Antonio Spurs vs. New Orleans Hornets

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    The best of the West against the worst of the West.

    26 wins separated the San Antonio Spurs and the New Orleans Hornets.

    The only way this game might have any legs is if the Spurs treat this as a trap game. They play the Lakers two nights later on ESPN at home and might have that game in the back of their mind.

    However, if the Spurs played the way they did in January this past season, they won't get stung by the Hornets.

    Besides, you can't lose to the Uni-brow.

March 6: Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings

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    This date will be the third time these two teams will face off since they're in the same division.

    Sacramento and Golden State will likely each be out of the playoff picture by then so this game won't mean anything except for the two Comcast SportsNet  affiliates who will air this game. No one outside of California will rush to their monitors to turn this game on.

    Since it will be their third matchup head-to-head, the level of play could get sloppy, especially where they will be at in standings.

April 17: Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trail Blazers

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    This game is also nationally televised for some reason. As a fellow B/R colleague put it nicely, networks should be showing teams who are getting ready to play in the postseason, not take place in the Lottery.

    Both of these teams will be watching the clock counting down the seconds until their misery is out of place.

    Now, there is no coach at the moment for the Blazers, but I'm sure he'll have a cold celebratory one in his office once this game and season is over.

    ESPN is better off airing a billiards duel from 2005 than televising this game. It has no meaning unless Marc Jackson is going to be analyzing this game from the bench.