The Dallas Cowboys Better Off Without TO? Really?

Matt CullenAnalyst IFebruary 20, 2009

Terrell Owens has had quite an eventful career to say the least. The future Hall of Famer has made it to six Pro Bowls. He is second all-time in TD receptions and has led the league in three different seasons. He also is eighth all-time in receiving yards, and has had eight 1,000-yard seasons.


His career unfortunately is eventful for a lot more than that. Aside from on-field production, here are some other notable things attached to his legacy:


  • Contributing to a good coach in Steve Mariucci getting fired.
  • Burning bridges with two Pro Bowl QBs
  • Spitting in DeAngelo Hall’s face
  • Overdosing
  • His tense relationship with future HOF coach Bill Parcells.
  • His TD celebrations, sometimes entertaining but also sometimes have led to fines and unsportsmanlike penalties.


Owens is 35 but is in impeccable shape and clearly one of the most talented receivers in the game still. And though his time in Dallas (under Wade Phillips especially) has had less controversy than in Philadelphia, the majority outside of the organization seem to believe that enough is enough.


The general consensus seems to be that he is no longer worth the trouble. As Collin Farrell’s character in "In Bruges" might have put it; "Somehow I believe, Terrell, that the balance shall tip in the favor of distractions, like a big fat *bleep* retarded *bleep* black girl on a see-saw opposite... a dwarf."


My thoughts on whether the Dallas Cowboys should cut TO? No way.


For every person that says that enough is enough and that he should be cut, I try to figure out exactly what he did as a Cowboy that would warrant this. For every person that says he just cares about himself and isn’t interested in winning, I shake my head. And for every person that says you can’t win with a top 10 wide receiver, well my head nearly explodes trying to figure that one out.


How exactly does getting rid of Terrell Owens get Flozell Adams to stop getting false start penalties? How does getting rid of Terrell Owens get Tony Romo to stop turning the ball over? How does getting rid of Terrell Owens improve Jason Garrett’s unimaginative play-calling? Or help improve their LBs and safeties in pass coverage?


Terrell Owens doesn’t care about winning? Is this a joke? Anytime you can point to a time when Terrell Owens was unhappy, you can pin it to a tough loss.


After Week 4 against Washington, Owens said that he didn’t think he got the ball enough. A preposterous statement no doubt, but what seems to be lost is that the man was frustrated after a tough loss to a divisional rival.


When Anquan Boldin had his little episode during the NFC Championship Game, many might say that he pulled a TO. Wait, he pulled a TO? Would TO really have skipped celebrating with his teammates after they had just won a game to put them in the Super Bowl? It wouldn’t happen in a million years, Owens is much better than that.


Another instance from this season is after a loss against Pittsburgh, when he was part of a closed door meeting with OC Jason Garrett. I for one am not sure if I believe all of what was reported by Ed Werder and even if it’s all true, I blame whoever leaked the information as the creator of a week filled with distractions.


Wasn’t everybody critical of Owens because he didn’t keep things within the team and spoke out to the media? And now he finally keeps it within the team and sure enough…Everybody is still critical of Owens?


I have to say that I have never seen so much fuss over nothing. Virtually all of the controversy that has surrounded Owens in recent time is blood on the hands of the media. Everything is media created, and I guess Owens should expect it for some actions in the past but it still isn’t fair for him trying to start off fresh or for the Dallas Cowboys.


Those two situations I just named are primarily what Terrell Owens has been guilty of off the field…As well as defending his QB after a playoff loss coming to tears while doing so. Is this really enough of a distraction to send one of the hardest working and best wide receivers in the NFL packing? Well if the media shamelessly tries hard enough and puts every tiny motion under a magnifying glass, it’s possible.


If Reggie Wayne has a year identical to this year for Owens next year in terms of on the field and off, does even one person think that he’s not worth it for the Colts? Granted he is a little younger than Owens but would anyone call him a cancer?


I’ll admit that the man does a lot of self-promotion, a little too much for my usual liking. I’ll admit that sometimes he acts like a child, that he speaks his mind a little too much, and that he drops too many passes. This isn’t nearly enough to cut one of the best wide receivers I have ever seen.


Would you want Terrell Owens on your team? You should. I for one am glad to have him on my team. I wish other players on the Dallas Cowboys wanted to win as much as he does, or work as hard as he does, or are as gifted as he is.


Terrell Owens is just fine right where he is, on a team that he wants to be on, with a Pro Bowl QB he likes, with a team that is talented enough to go on a Super Bowl run and can maybe get over the hump with him on the field.