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CM Punk, Cody Rhodes: 12 Stars Who Could Join the NWO

Andy SoucekChief Writer IIIJanuary 7, 2017

CM Punk, Cody Rhodes: 12 Stars Who Could Join the NWO

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    On Twitter, Kevin Nash was claiming the NWO was going to return.

    Was he just having fun? Trying to fool people? Maybe had too many glasses of wine?

    WWE has hinted at a New World Order reunion in the past (during the last DX run), only to have nothing come of it. The death of the group happened just over 10 years ago, so maybe the time would be right to give it another chance.

    While it’s still unlikely, a new NWO is fun to think about. But who would be the new members of the legendary stable?

    It's safe to say that WWE probably wouldn't be bringing back The Disciple and Vincent to join the group, so there's plenty of open spots.

    There are a lot of talented acts in WWE who could use a big storyline to help their character, and would be a great fit for a new version of the NWO.

    But there are even more wrestlers who just wouldn't fit in. The New World Order had an anti-authority, edgy feel to it in WCW, so guys like Santino and Hornswoggle probably wouldn't be welcome to join.

    There were many members of the original NWO. A few were quite successful, and their time in the group propelled them to new levels. Alongside the listed wrestler, I've paired up his or her counterpart from the original black and white.

    Here are 12 members, some obvious, some a little strange, who could create an exciting NWO for a new era of fans and make WWE television Too Sweeeeeeeeet.


    All photos from wwe.com unless noted.

No. 12: Zack Ryder

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    The NWO is going to need a lackey, so why not Zack Ryder?

    Ryder is jobbed out on TV nearly every week, but if he put a black and white shirt on, then beating him would mean something.

    He could be the lowest totem pole of the group as faces work their way up to stiffer competition. He’d be the guy who always takes the pin in tag matches. Yeah, you know the one.

    Most similar member: Disco Inferno. 

    Disco was the punching bag of the group when he tried to join up. You could just imagine Ryder trying to tag along just like Disco did, and all the while having the others laugh behind his back.

No. 11: Ryback

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    WWE is going to make us love Ryback whether we want to or not!

    So far, Ryback hasn't had a storyline to work with on television. We've seen him destroy jobbers left and right, but we don't really have a sense of his character.

    The NWO could help with that.

    Ryback could join the group and work in tag matches until WWE knows what to do with him. He has a badass look that would help the overall image of the group, and put fear into the hearts of WWE superstars everywhere.

    Most similar member: Scott Steiner.

    Steiner is a guy that just looks like he'd kill you for looking at him the wrong way. We don't know yet if Ryback can talk as well as Steiner, but he's pretty good at looking pissed-off most of the time.

No. 10: R-Truth

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    Time to drop little Jimmy and time to start speaking The Truth.

    R-Truth has shown in the past that he’s a good heel (his early TNA days, his short run last year), and he’s gone from being a big part of WWE shows to a comedy wrestler.

    If R-Truth reverted back to his old character it would add a level of danger to the stable, and just his presence would help the group seem more cool.

    Most similar member: Konnan.

    Just like Konnan, Truth is a good hand in the ring, but not quite a four star worker.  Both could also whip the crowd up into a frenzy when they're on their game. R-Truth would also help lend some street cred to the NWO like Konnan did.

No. 9: The Big Show

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    Show should be one of the few original Black and White members to join the group.

    He's already a top heel, and in the current storyline he's a rich guy that can't be fired. With that kind of contract, it wouldn't matter if he tried to take over the company he works for.

    He could work anything from tag matches to the main events and help get the younger talent over.

    He’s been dominant on TV lately, and having him in the NWO with the way he’s booked now would make them look unstoppable.

    Most Similar Member:

    A young guy named The Giant who looks just like Show, but was about 400 lbs lighter and had hair.

No. 8: The Miz

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    The Miz is a mid-carder who needs a good story to get him going again.

    He seemed to be getting over as a more dangerous character when he was teaming with R-Truth, before WWE inexplicably pulled the plug on it.

    Miz already has some gold, which would look good for the group that tries to take all the titles in the company.

    Most Similar Member: Buff Bagwell.

    They’re both cocky guys, who are good at being obnoxious and full of themselves. The crowd loves to hate on them, and they're both good, but not quite great in the ring.

No. 7: Eve

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    Eve is a pretty good heel. She’s shown she has a bit of range after she turned on Ryder.

    She’d help lend some sex appeal to the group and could manage any number of wrestlers.

    They should leave her as the lone female of the group, which would help spotlight her more, and give the Divas division an immediate top heel to feud with.

    Most similar member: Miss Elizabeth.

    This is almost by default, as the NWO only ever had one other female member (Samantha). While Eve isn’t as famous as Elizabeth, she is already a much better talker.

No. 6: Cody Rhodes

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    Rhodes is another young guy who has a ton of potential, but not much to do.

    Putting him with some other talented young guys in a big storyline would be a ticket to making him a star in no time.

    He’s already a good talker and a good wrestler, so he’d be a nice fit in the stable. His father was also a member of the group at one point, which could be another connection and be a nice nod to the past.

    Most similar member: Syxx.

    Both are smaller guys that can go in the ring.

No. 5: JBL

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    JBL is rich, a great talker, and he'd make for a great surprise.

    A big part of the NWO was not knowing who would show up next. We've only seen JBL once in the past couple years, and he still looks like he's in good enough shape to do a few more matches.

    It sounds like he’s mostly retired, but he could be a good mouth piece for the group if he were interested.

    For new members that need to develop their character, have JBL do the talking for them and it would give them instant heat.

    Storyline-wise, he could be the guy that funds the group to try and take over WWE.

    Most similar member: Ted DiBiase

    The former Million Dollar Man never wrestled for the New World Order, but he was originally cast as the guy who financed them.

No. 4: Dolph Ziggler

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    Dolph Ziggler seems to slowly be making his way up the card in WWE.

    A big role in a hot stable could get him to that next level.

    Dolph could be the worker of the group, taking part in all of the big tag matches, and slowly rising through the ranks.

    He could some day be the leader of the stable, or break off and feud with them. Pushing him as one of the top members would help his stock in the fan's eyes as a legitimate in-ring threat.

    Most similar member: Curt Hennig.

    While Curt wasn’t pushed as one of the top guys in the NWO, he was one of their best workers. Also, just like Hennig, Ziggler takes the best bumps of anyone in the company.

No. 3: Kevin Nash

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    Nash is one of the few available NWO members that can still wrestle.

    While they’d be wise to limit his in-ring appearances, he could be a good leader/manager/bodyguard for the group. Having him join would also be a nice link to the past.

    Punk and Nash could also have some amazing chemistry together if they were on the same side. They both have a very dry, snarky sense of humor where they could play off each other for some laughs.

    If the NWO is reformed, he is the best choice of any available former wrestler from the group to bring in.

    As one of the founding members, his presence would immediately make the group legitimate. He could also help bring in some of the older fans from the Monday Night War era, who have stopped watching and might be curious to see what the new group is up to.

    Most similar member: Kevin Nash

#2: CM Punk

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    Punk already has the anti-authority attitude down to a tee.

    He's also been a great stable leader, shown from his runs with the Straight Edge Society and the Nexus.

    If WWE were to revive the New World Order, having CM Punk be a founding member would be a great choice.

    Much like Hall and Nash, Punk is cool. He appeals to fans that John Cena does not. A big part of what made the NWO so popular was that older male fans really got behind them. CM Punk already has this crowd, and they would gladly follow him into his new group.

    Punk can go in the ring at a level that very few wrestlers can, so main events with the NWO would be better than they ever were.

    Most similar member: Scott Hall

    Both guys are just plain cool, and have an intangible "it" factor. They can both talk and wrestle among the best in the business. Unlike Hall, Punk is straight edge and could be depended on to lead the group for months or years to come.

No. 1: John Cena

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    If WWE wanted to make an immediate impact with the NWO, turning John Cena heel would be the best thing they could do.

    During WCW’s most successful period, the show was built around these renegade heels. If WWE is thinking about reforming the NWO, they would be smart to do the same.

    The NWO worked best when they were the top stars of the show (unlike their later WWE run), and adding the top star of the company would get it off to a hot start.

    A CM Punk/Cena led NWO could wreak havoc on all WWE programming. It would also finally force WWE to push some young talent to the top to fight them.

    In the future, Punk and Cena could eventually have an epic Hogan/Savage type feud over control of the NWO.

    Most similar member: Hulk Hogan.

    Hogan was the face of WCW, much like Cena is for WWE. What got the NWO off to such a great start was the shocking turn of Hogan. It’s risky, but if WWE wants to get people talking, they can’t do much better than a Cena heel turn.


    Agree? Disagree? Should anyone else be added? Sound off below.

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