Ranking Every NWO Member Ever: 10-Year Anniversary of the Group's End

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Ranking Every NWO Member Ever: 10-Year Anniversary of the Group's End
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On July 15th, 2002, the NWO officially died.

In a perhaps fitting move, the legendary wrestling stable was put out of its misery by Vince McMahon himself.

The week before, Kevin Nash was injured and instead of trying to force it to go on, WWE decided it was time for the Order to end.

The NWO's time in WWE was mediocre at best, but over the course of six years, the group had a lot of ground-breaking moments that still stand out in wrestling history.

The New World Order was insanely popular. It helped bring WCW and wrestling to heights not seen since the Rock 'n' Wrestling era.

The group also had a lot of members.

Over 40 men and women were in the NWO at one time or another.

These groups spanned multiple versions, from the original Black and White incarnation, to the Wolfpac, the NWO Elite, the Black and Silver and the WWE group.

Not every member was equally deserving of putting on the NWO colors, but everyone who joined had a place in history.

Some bigger names are ranked lower on this list than what you might think, simply because they didn't seem to fit in with the group. Some wrestlers should have never joined.

Here, 10 years after the group finally disbanded, is a ranking of every NWO member in order.


A couple notes: TNA's version of The Band isn't counted as part of the official group, parody stables like the LWO and BWO have been left out, too.

Also, a couple of NWO Japan wrestlers were left off the list since they never appeared on the stateside show.

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