Hanley Ramirez Trade Rumors: 5 Contenders That Should Strike for Marlins' Star

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IJuly 24, 2012

Hanley Ramirez Trade Rumors: 5 Contenders That Should Strike for Marlins' Star

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    The trade of Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante to the Detroit Tigers should have indicated that there are going to be changes with the Miami Marlins' roster during the days before the 2012 MLB trade deadline.

    Hanley Ramirez is on the block and Scott Miller of CBS Sports has quoted a few executives as saying that the Marlins are very open to moving him.

    A number of teams will have an interest in Ramirez because of his impressive offensive abilities. However, he does struggle in the field and may not have a true position anymore. Ramirez has also had some attitude issues in the past. Still, this will not deter teams from pursuing him.

Oakland Athletics

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    Both shortstop and third base have been huge black holes in the Oakland Athletics' lineup this season. Athletics' shortstops have posted a .184/.244/.273 line, while their third basemen have only been slightly better at .184/.230/.333.

    Hanley Ramirez would be a huge boost to the Athletics at either position. Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports has him linked to the team, and dealing for Ramirez would be a smart move for Oakland. By acquiring the veteran shortstop, the surprising A's would greatly improve their chances of reaching the playoffs.

Los Angeles Dodgers

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    Coming into the year, the Los Angeles Dodgers thought that Dee Gordon and Juan Uribe would be the answers at shortstop and third base, respectively. However, that has not been the case, as both have struggled.

    Los Angeles has an interest in Hanley Ramirez, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. Landing Ramirez would make the Dodgers a much more serious World Series contender, and it would give them another big bat in the middle of their lineup.

Pittsburgh Pirates

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    Clint Barmes has been miserable offensively for the Pittsburgh Pirates this year, as he has posted a .206/.232/.290 line through his first 85 games. If Pittsburgh wants to make the playoffs for the first time since 1992, they are going to need a better shortstop.

    Jon Heyman of CBS Sports sees the Pirates as a possible fit for Ramirez, and pairing him up with Andrew McCutchen would give the Pirates a solid one-two punch in the lineup.

Baltimore Orioles

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    The Baltimore Orioles have shown a lot of fight this season competing in the American League East and have been one of the most surprising teams in baseball this year.

    Wilson Betemit has done a good job at third base for the Orioles, but the team could use an improvement. Hanley Ramirez would be an outstanding option for the O's and he could play third while Betemit plays DH. Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports has confirmed that the Orioles are interested in Ramirez.

San Francisco Giants

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    Brandon Crawford has done a decent job at shortstop for the San Francisco Giants this season, but that does not mean that the Giants would not jump at the opportunity to acquire an elite talent like Hanley Ramirez.

    Jon Heyman of CBS Sports has stated that the Giants would be a great landing spot for Ramirez. The Giants' lineup would immediately become more formidable, and any deal would force the Los Angeles Dodgers to react accordingly, or risk missing out on the division title and a possible spot in the playoffs.