1. Lovullo said #RedSox have directed Hanley to report to spring training 15-20 pounds lighter than he played at this season

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  6. #RedSox want Hanley Ramirez to drop 15-20 pounds before next season. Torey Lovullo explains why: http://t.co/4U27HU3gzK

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  12. A three-part plan to fix Red Sox involves Price, Hanley and Jackie: http://t.co/VdKUYAQkM9 http://t.co/PRIFV96D5g

  13. The Red Sox would like Hanley Ramirez to lose some weight: http://t.co/tGiV24cw1Z

  14. Red Sox have asked Hanley Ramirez to come in ’15 or 20 pounds lighter’ http://t.co/e0dEMmgJ7l

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  18. If #RedSox have to see Hanley Ramirez in spring training, they'd like to see a slimmer, more agile Hanley Ramirez -- http://t.co/Pw2mLEjHu0

  19. "SuperTwo": In which we discuss Farrell-Lovullo plus the likelihood Hanley Ramirez is on the Red Sox next April: http://t.co/dJ4nE6DZtT

  20. Love Yankee fans' rebuttal to making fun of Ellsbury's contract, citing what Red Sox pay Hanley/Sandoval. They can be moved. Ellsbury can't.

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  25. Dombrowski on Hanley at first base: "We need to do everything we can to make that work" #RedSox

  26. Dombro: Red Sox "committed" to Hanley at 1B, but mentioned Shaw and Travis as offering insurance there.

  27. Will Ramirez Ever End Up Playing First Base for Sox?

  28. If Dombrowski is still saying Hanley is your first baseman and Shaw is the next guy in line, then Shaw's going to be your first baseman.

  29. A few highlight from Dave Dombrowski’s presser at Fenway: He claims to be committed to Hanley playing 1B and says Ramirez feels the same

  30. I just don't understand how you can look at Shaw's season, then look at Hanley's season and be like, "Yup, that's our guy right there."

  31. No plans to send Hanley into winter ball, according to GM Mike Hazen. So, #RedSox wouldn't see him at 1Bin game until spring training

  32. Dombrowski: #RedSox committed to making Hanley-at-1B work because, well, on Oct. 13, they have no other choice - http://t.co/pNV2GA7jBT

  33. Dombrowski: Red Sox committed to Hanley Ramirez at 1st base: http://t.co/GhsXmTI1kZ (@jgolen)

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  36. Just how serious are the Red Sox about this whole Hanley Ramirez playing 1B thing? http://t.co/fJKZXdgrPW

  37. As Yoenis Cespedes steps in against Jon Lester, you have to wonder: Would #RedSox have been better off with them instead of Hanley/Porcello?

  38. ICYMI, Dombrowski updates Hanley, offseason approach, Matt Barnes' role, etc. on Hot Stove Show https://t.co/JezqhEJ1JU

  39. Every time I read or hear somebody say that Hanley will be the Red Sox first baseman next year, my internal organs shut down a little more.

  40. Hanley Ramirez is at GM Meetings with his agent, Adam Katz, to talk to #Redsox officials. Dombrowski calls "general business" (cont)

  41. ICYMI, Hanley Ramirez swung through town last night to meet up with agent Adam Katz and Red Sox just to touch base. Lives less hour away

  42. Sounds like Hanley Ramirez' shoulder is feeling better, based on his meeting w/ #RedSox here yesterday. Hanley lives near Boca in Miami area

  43. Hanley will work out in Dominican Republic with Ortiz. #RedSox haven't given Hanley target weight, but want him "svelter," Dombrowski said

  44. Dombrowski said meeting with Hanley last night was to make sure everybody on same page heading into offseason. Reported shoulder is healthy

  45. Dave Dombrowski meets with Hanley Ramirez to get on ‘same page’ heading into offseason https://t.co/cziwq3s7ae

  46. About that meeting between the #RedSox and Hanley Ramirez: https://t.co/3lSMiy5a7a https://t.co/fjmsgGtdOQ

  47. A little more on the meeting Dave Dombrowski had with Hanley Ramirez. Like our Facebook page while you’re at it: https://t.co/v5QMvPUch4

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  49. Hanley, Dombrowski meet at GMs meetings to get on the "same page." #redsox https://t.co/LAdD0B59PB

  50. Hanley Ramirez and the Red Sox met, as Jerry Crasnick writes. https://t.co/lTvsslm8CC BOS would like him to play closer to 230 pounds.

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