The Return of Jason Williams to the Miami Heat?

Allen LevinCorrespondent IIFebruary 20, 2009

With the recent trade of Shawn Marion and point guard Marcus Banks to the Toronto Raptors for Jermaine O'Neal and Jamario Moon, the Miami Heat are dangerously thin at the one position. Miami cut point guard Shaun Livingston earlier in the season, leaving them with only two point guards on their roster, rookie Mario Chalmers and backup Chris Quinn.

After dealing Banks, the Heat were rumored to be in the mix for Indiana's Jamaal Tinsley, Oklahoma City's Earl Watson, and Golden State's Marcus Williams. But with the trade deadline passed, the Heat will have to look elsewhere.

How about former retired Heat guard Jason Williams? Williams, who signed with the Los Angeles Clippers in the offseason, retired before the season began. But now, the man known as J-Dub, has filed a letter with the NBA to seek immediate reinstatement into the league. One of the team's he's rumored to be interested in? The Miami Heat.

It would be really nice to see Williams make a return to Miami after being an integral part of their 2006 championship run. And he would be very welcomed in Miami as the Heat are desperate for point guard depth. Head Coach Eric Spoelstra has become so desperate at times that he has been forced to use Dwyane Wade as a point guard. While this is nothing new for Wade, it is still not his natural position and a real point guard would benefit the team more.

"Dwyane has played, as we know, a lot of minutes at the point position. We feel he can step into that 10-15 minutes a game if necessary, particularly in the fourth quarter without a problem.''

Instead of Wade playing 10-15 minutes at point guard, he could remain at his natural position and be receiving passes from a very familiar face. No one can forget the great duo that "White Chocolate" and "Flash" became in their three years as teammates. Williams constantly fed Wade flashy passes that Wade would throw down for alleyoop dunks. Williams is a great passer that has averaged 6.3 assists per game in his career and is known for making no look, fancy passes.

In addition to reuniting the two, Williams would provide excellent veteran leadership to a young team and would help the development of two very young point guards in Chalmers and Quinn.

And with the acquisition of Jermaine O'Neal, Williams would feel even more at home. When Williams manned the point for Miami, Shaquille O'Neal was his other primary target besides Wade and he was used to passing to a big man in the middle. After O'Neal and Williams left, the team had a makeover that left them with no real inside presence and absolutely no power down low. But, now that JO is in the mix, Williams will fit comfortably back into the Heat's old system of a half court game.

Williams two primary targets would be Wade and O'Neal. The only difference this time would be the first name of this O'Neal—Jermaine instead of Shaquille.

Although Williams has been rumored to want to sign with a contender such as the Boston Celtics, he still has a history in Miami and would fit in a lot better with the Heat's system. With him, the team could have an even better chance to make a run in the playoffs. If he signs, the Heat turn from one of the youngest teams in the league to a team with four veterans in their starting lineup.

Just imagine it now...Jason Williams throwing alleyoop passes to D-Wade again and just like that, the Heat have three-fifths of their 2006 title team's starting lineup back.