NFL's Goofy Moments

Deb LagardeCorrespondent IFebruary 20, 2009

In case you never saw the guy in the picture, know that this guy is the perpetrator of the funniest moment I have ever witnessed in NFL history.

His name? Garo Yepremian, kicker for the 1972 Undefeated Miami Dolphins, champs of Super Bowl VII.

His "funny"? Getting ready to kick the ball for a field goal, he flubs the ball in the process, winds up with it in his hands and, I guess not having anyone to hand off to nearby, proceeds to throw it. It bounces off the back of DT Bob Heinz's helmet and winds up in the arms of Mike Bass (if my memory serves) of the opponent Washington Redskins, who takes it down the field for the Skins only TD and points.

And speaking of, ex-Dolphins, you have "The Fumble" in 1977, a "funny" perpetrated by the formerly sure handed Larry Csonka, who fumbled for the Giants, who, ironically, were coached by another ex-Dolphin, Bill Arnsparger.

Here's the "funny" part: Csonka almost had never fumbled before, when he was with Miami. Then he goes to the WFL, fumbles like the dickens, and when that league collapses, he winds up on Arnsparger's usually inept Giants, where he single-handedly loses a sure game to the Eagles.

But that wasn't the final "funny" concerning the Dolphins...Their 2007 1-15 season was a laugher all the way! With that aptly named QB, Cleo Lemon!

Now, the funniest team in the NFL in 2008 was not the winless Lions. Perhaps it was the Dallas Cowboys, what with TO getting all upset about Romo throwing to Jason Witten and not him.

Or maybe it was the Jets who, salivating over getting Brett Favre, slobbered so much they forgot to make sure Chad Pennington didn't go to a division rival.

Or maybe it was all the millions of doubters who said the Cardinals would never do well in the playoffs.

But, as for me, my funniest moment in sports was last March when we went up to Apache Ski Resort in Ruidoso, NM, were this 55-year-old lady, yours truly, was actually able to snow board the bunny slope without breaking her back or neck!