WWE News: CM Punk Involved in Airport Incident with Fan

Gone Baby GoneContributerJuly 23, 2012

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

Gotta love the life of a celebrity.

One minute, you are out enjoying a moment with friends or co-workers, the next you are being bombarded by fans looking for pictures, autographs, etc.

Overall, most fans get it and are respectful to their favorite (insert profession here). Other times, you get that one fan that doesn't know how to act and everyone else misses out on a chance to meet their idol.

Now enter CM Punk, a guy that went from upper-mid-carder to main-event celebrity in a years time. Since his big push, he has been on TV and award shows and even appeared at several Comic-Con events. Speaking from experience, Punk is very genuine with fans; he takes time to talk to all and extra time with younger fans.

So I know how much he appreciates his status.

Now word is coming from WrestleZone.com that:

F4Wonline.com is reporting some details regarding an incident CM Punk had with a fan in the St. Louis airport.

A fan who was described as rude, approached CM Punk for an autograph and was turned down.

This led to another fan yelling at Punk and it created a scene in the airport. Punk then threw the fans autograph book in the trash. The airport police came and reportedly CM Punk was very irritated at this point.

Punk quickly took to twitter to address the situation, stating:


Later re-tweeting a fans tweet:


Then closing with:


Overall, you must remember as fans that celebrities are people first and foremost. They have the same feelings and will respond like anyone else would when they are provoked. As I mentioned before, Punk enjoys his status and treats his fans extremely well, so I can't imagine what happened to set him off.


It should be noted that Ricardo Rodriguez of all people witnessed this and stood by Punks decision stating:




Ultimately, wrestling draws a very unique fan base, as just about every profession out there has at least on fan amongst them. And, even though you may be as respectful as possible, sadly, your peers may have an agenda and ruin your chance at meeting you favorite star.

In the end, Punk probably handled this the best way that he could and needed to get away before things escalated.