NFL Combine Day One

Dumont WalkerSenior Analyst IFebruary 19, 2009


The NFL Combine is set to kick off later today in Indianapolis.

It's become one of the largest non-spectacles in sports, and I will admit I buy into it completely.

As a result, we will have coverage of the combines here at Walker-Sports.

In addition, you can also expect our top ten positional breakdown as the results come in.

Finally you can also expect an updated mock draft once the combine is completed, and we have the opportunity to compile our data.

As we await the beginning of the 2009 NFL Combine, let me take a moment to list off a few individuals that I am personally excited about watching this year.

1. Josh Freeman, QB Kansas State

I loved this kid during his time at KSU. He put up some great numbers but was often overshadowed by his counterparts within his conference.

Freeman stands at 6'6" and has a monster arm; plus he is mobile in the pocket. The only reason he is leaving college early is due to the coaching change at Kansas State, where they will look to revert to their option based ways.

If Josh Freeman can test well this weekend, there is a great chance he can shoot up the draft charts and perhaps steal a first-round draft pick.

2. Michael Crabtree, WR Texas Tech

I know the whole world knows what Michael Crabtree can do, and he is most likely a top five draft pick.

However, there is some intrigue about watching him work out in this year's combine. The main intrigue is that Crabtree has never been clocked in the 40-yard dash.

While that is not the worst thing in the world, it would be interesting to see how he actually grades out with his straight-line speed. A slow time could damage his legacy, while not running the 40 could hurt his potential as well.

Michael Crabtree may have backed himself into a corner on this one.

3. Michael Johnson, DE/OLB Georgia Tech

Michael Johnson was one of my favorite prospects entering the 2008 college season, and for the most part, he did not disappoint.

He is a big kid (6'7"), and he possesses great burst off the ball.

However, Johnson chose not to play in this year's Senior Bowl. His decision has hurt his draft stock, because he provided no real reason for skipping the big game.

All we know is that Johnson claimed to be preparing for the Combine. If that's the case, it indicates that he's putting all his hopes on this weekend, and he'll need to put up or shut up if he wants to earn a high draft grade.


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