Penn State Football: It's Time for a Reality Check

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Penn State Football: It's Time for a Reality Check
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We’ve heard the allegations, read the reports and heard the testimonies. Now it’s time for a reality check—time for Penn State to lose football.

Tomorrow at this time, we will know the fate of Penn State football and what punishment will be handed down by the NCAA. The NCAA sounds like they mean business this time—so much so that they are even bypassing the normal procedures including an investigation of the football program to hand down this punishment.

I’ve heard different arguments from fans, former PSU players and media as to why PSU shouldn’t be punished. The main reason, according to most, is that this had nothing to do with the NCAA-that this was a criminal case.

But how is this not an NCAA case when it’s clearly a lack of institutional control. We have a football coach, the president of the university and others all conspiring to protect a pedophile.

If you listen to Franco Harris or Joe Paterno’s family, one thing is certain—they all have lost their grip on reality.

Harris and the Paterno's don’t seem to care about the victims in this case at all—they seem to be more concerned about preserving Joe Paterno’s image or what's left of it, and they aren’t alone.

When you still have fans as of Friday taking pictures and laying flowers down at Paterno’s statue, they all have lost perspective on what’s really important in this case: the victims.

Maybe losing football for a year, stripping the scholarships and taking away Paterno's wins, will give Penn State supporters something they all really need right now: perspective.

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