Penn State Football Scandal: 4 Possible Punishments for the Football Program

Brad Washington@@theGURO15Correspondent IIJuly 20, 2012

Penn State Football Scandal: 4 Possible Punishments for the Football Program

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    I love Joe Paterno.

    He was a great coach, and before November 2011, seen as a greater man.

    But the recent Freeh reports that have been documented, have all but destroyed the legacy of the legendary coach.

    There’s no excuse for Joe Paterno and his Penn State administration to allow Jerry Sandusky to roam the campus freely and terrorize children for 14 years.

    A punishment has to come; we just don’t know what yet or how severe.

    Here are four possible punishments that could possibly happen to Penn State, from smallest to largest.

1. No Postseason Play for 10 Years Minimum with Scholarships Partially Cut

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    Penn State is a mainstay in the bowl seasons, well at least as of late.

    A 10-year minimum bowl ban could be fair. Although it’s just a minor punishment that doesn’t necessarily fit the crime, millions of dollars will be lost, potential scholarships will go elsewhere and Penn State could lose the mojo it was almost successfully getting back.

2. Completely Wipe Away Penn State Football from 1998 to 2011

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    For 14 years, Jerry Sandusky was allowed by the President, Vice President, Athletic Director and Head Coach of Penn State to retire with an office, have children on campus, and basically do whatever he wanted with them while they knew of reports of sexual misconduct.

    Of course, they did nothing about it.

    Because of the 14 years of lying and cover-up, possibly those seasons shouldn't exist. This also may not happen, but it would make sense, although they weren't trying to gain competitive advantage.

    No Larry Johnson Heisman finalist in 2002, no Big Ten titles or Rose Bowl berths. Nothing.

3. Death Penalty: One Year Minimum, Five Years Maximum

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    The penalty everyone is asking for. And partially, rightfully so.

    If you think about it, Joe Paterno and company thought more about themselves, their money, their pride and ego, more than the plethora of young boys who probably cried themselves to sleep at night because of the pain Sandusky inflicted on them

    Remember, it’s not a cover-up of six months, it’s 14 years.

    To put it in perspective, let's see what did they get in return of the cover-up; Big ten titles, 10-win seasons, a Heisman finalist, coach of the year awards, BCS berths and of course a Rose Bowl bid. Not to mention the countless of billions of dollars produced.

    All of this was earned because they covered up a horrible crime so that those dollars could keep coming in and their potential cash cows (athletes) wouldn’t turn the other cheek.

    A severe punishment is going to happen. So now, they should lose it all for a moment. Maybe, even longer than that.

4. Ban of a Select Few Athletics for One to Three Years Minimum

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    This one probably won’t happen, but you never know with the powers that be at the NCAA offices.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is bigger than football. This was neglect, greed and ego all in one from the four most powerful men on campus; one of them the most powerful man in Pennsylvania.

    If this ruling did happen, maybe one year would do justice.

    Football was seen as more important, so Penn State should face the consequences.

    Money from whichever programs they chose to cut will be at a huge loss to the university and the athletic program.

    As they say, money is the root of all evil. Pun intended. Or maybe, like the late Christopher Wallace said; More money, more problems.

    Penn State got its money, and it got hit with more problems. Now it’s time, to pay for the hurt children, egos and now the many athletes who will be affected. It’s time.