An Un-Sung Free Agent Could Fit for the Denver Broncos

Anthony Allen Contributor IFebruary 19, 2009

Rebuilding a defense for a team with a new coach, new GM, new look defense and probably more fresh young faces than a neigborhood with Chucky Cheese as the cool house on the block a monumental task looms in the mile High City.

As bad as the Defense was for Denver and its faithful to bear, I think god himself is sending a prayer to all in saying it cant get any worse.

A bottom 30 defense may have been one of the only problems keeping what seemed to be a talented young team out of the postseason. Lack of turnovers, inconsistency, penalties and this strange action that some teams do that made any orange and blue maniac cringe most opposing offenses called it..."THE RUN."

Some of the broncos defensive players made mediocre backs look like immovable objects (Sammy Morris, Michael Bush, Jamal Lewis).

Exceptable? Definetly not...Fixable? Let us pray!

And so the mile-high-manly-makeover begins. Dre' Bly which most fans will have decapitated themeselves if not for Jhonny Law or prison. The move was indeed needed. I mean honestly, I can hear coach McDaniels putting on the game film of Dre' with coach nolan now...

     " Coach McDaniels"- Okay Mike next up we have...Dre' Bly.

     " Coach Nolan"- Okay lets take a gander coach.

     " CMCD"- Okay here the Defense is in a cover 1 and oooooohhhh...

     " CNO"- Coach are you okay?? Do you want me to stop the film?? Medic!

     "CMCD"- NO! Im good...(gasp) I just wanna know how a CB can line up 10-12 off he ball and still get burned like that?

And run over in the same play...

A bit over the top? Naaaaaaahhggg! I'm sure it was by far worse. Or did they even speak at all? Was it more of a glance and a nod or a sticky note saying "Do it NOW!" We don't know but one thing is for sure expensive dead weight will NOT be carried in Denver this year.

The same casualties was suffered by several other teammates. DT Dwayne Robertson, LB Jamie Winborn, LB Niko Koutovides, RB Anthony Alridge, RB PJ Pope and a few others. A hole at safety for some strange reason is vastly and continuosly glaring into the eyes of the unobvious and it may be less expensive and low profile then alot of people realize.

Born Nov. 3, 1975 Darren Sharper a William and Mary Alum, has become an NFL 2009 free agent. Coming off a season with 69 tackles, nine assisted, 60 solo, and one (I repeat) only one interception, is looked at as "old."

At strong safety Darren Sharper has made himself quite the name as one of the best cover safeties in the NFL. He could be a potential sneak signing for the Broncos. Age is always a concern when you speak of signing bonuses and contract length. But instead GMs have to ask "how much of my money is "this guy" worth?"

As an owner or GM the more appropriate question to ask is, "How much money is another Super bowl to my team?" Why would you deny so many men who work their whole lives to play this game? How can anyone judge budget vs everyone's common goal in any sport? Winning!

"Hello...! You play to win the game!" -Coach Herman Edwards

By no means will Sharper fix all problems but the scenario is as clear as day. Remember Denver's "BIG NICKEL" package that they used Defensively with Sam Brandon at free safety covering all the dangerous TE's in the AFC West? Do any of the names Antonio Gates, Tony Gonzalez, and Heath Miller ring any bells or gongs for that matter? The Broncos before 2006 actually fared well against gates with Brandon as their cover guy.

But since 2006 Gates has lived the American dream by being a nightmare for the Denver Broncos. I could say the same for Gonzales as well. Heath Miller gave Denver problems sporatically especially this year.

With the rebuilding of the front seven, the transition of the defensive schematics and technique the AFC West crawls with dangerous tight ends. Perhaps countering them would be to acquire someone who knows how to cover them. As did the Broncos vs the run with Lynch.

Remember when the AFC West was once called one of the NFL's most dangerous divisions? Especially at running back, Oakland: Charlie Garner, Kansas City: The Priest, Sandiego: LT, Denver: Clinton Portis. All pro-bowlers who also played in one division together for at least one to two years.

Now with "rebuilding" teams and weary owners it is looked upon as weak.

Young gun slinging QBs and busted halfbacks plague the talented yet inconsistent backfields of the AFC west front runners. A growing hatred between two young QB's spreads into teammates, coaches and fans abroad.

Al Davis's snicker has been reduced to an in-responsive sneer operated by a Breathalyzer and delayed electronic reaction. But unfortunately for the once feared tyrant I'm sure he wishes things could trade with Denver or San Diego.

So no matter what fans, it could always be worse! MUCH worse.

Darren sharper may help Denver, hurt Oakland, benefit K.C., annihilate hope for the Chargers.

But for better or for worse...well again I don't think it could get much worse.

I just hope that with all the defensive "clean-up" coach "Mac-Daddy" and GM "X-Man" are doing will give the Broncos defense new meaning to the word TURNOVER.