Is Jerry Porter Returning to the Silver and Black?

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIFebruary 19, 2009

In what may be a strange but welcome move as far as this writer is concerned. The Oakland Raiders are considering bringing back WR Jerry Porter. Jerry Porter was always an awesome receiver in this fans eyes.

I know that he was unhappy with the coaching style of Art Shell, and please don't get me wrong because Art Shell was a great player for the Raiders and a great coach when he took the Raiders to the playoffs but when he returned the final time it was a mess. I fear Shell knew so he retired.

But in the mess was an awesome reciever in Jerry Porter. What I enjoyed about Porter was the fact that he could burn Champ Bailey every time! He is a big guy with a huge amount of athleticism. He was there when the Raiders made it to the Super Bowl and considering not many teams are interested in a guy who spent last season on the IR list, he really has no place to go except back to Oakland. Back home.

Sadly , the Oakland Raider are talking about releasing Ronald Curry and that very unfortunate because  having gone to the many games in Oakland that we lost and won, it was always Ronald Curry who made the great plays.

Ronald Curry played amazingly and how can any fan not remember all the double covered passes that he caught. Curry had injured his ankle I believe, but he recovered as was never really allowed to become the great WR the Raiders need.

I can only hope that Jerry Porter, knowing this maybe his last stop on the way out of the NFL will become the spectacular WR he has always been. I can guarantee you that with Cable working with him and Art Shell gone Jerry Porter can become a Raider favorite.

Jerry Porter should come with a considerably low price and to be quite frank, will really have to outdo himself to shine.

Jerry Porter was once our star reciever when Jerry Rice and Tim Brown were still around. He was third man on the field  and did his job well. Porter would now join Higgins and Schilens and this trio would be a threat. I don't see any team being able to cover this threesome.

I would also love to see Jerry Porter replace the washed up, worthless, ex-Bronco Javon Walker.  Javon Walker is a waste of money. Jerry Porter has had the time to heal and should come back as strong as ever. He knows the AFC West well and there really is no CB that can cover him. If Jerry Porter comes back he will be a Raider once again and I will welcome him because he wears the uniform of legends.

On a short note, Shane Lechler is back for four more years and 12 million dollars. He and Rob Bironas are the highest paid kickers in the NFL and righyly deserve it.