The Over/Under on Luis Castillo's Tenure as a Starter: A New York Mets Contest

Richard MarshSenior Analyst IFebruary 19, 2009

This is terrible, I must admit. But for the way Luis Castillo came to play last season totally unprepared, I have yet forgiven him.

Today, in his first day in Port St. Lucie, it was revealed that at the end of the most forgettable 2008 season, Luis called Omar to apologize to him for his performance and was ashamed at the way he played. So were we all.

I'll give him kudos for coming to camp 17 pounds lighter and fit to play, even though he is starting at second base this season simply because the Mets can't trade him and don't want to eat the $18 million left on his contract or sign Orlando Hudson to replace him.

So we are left to ponder the future and collectively hold our breaths as Jerry "Gangsta" Manuel takes Luis under his wing and whispers in his ear that unless he sees the old Luis, he's going to give him an offer he can't refuse. Can someone say "Luca Brazzie".

OK, so here's the deal or is it a no deal. Now, living in Vegas, the self proclaimed gambling capital of the world, and it is because it has most of my capital, I propose we enter into what is called here an "over/under" wager.

For Luis' circumstances, we will call it a "before/after" wager. There will be two parts to this bet. The first part is for you to pick whether you think Luis Castillo will be removed from the Mets starting lineup before or after May 15th.

The second part of the wager is where you get to win the Grand Prize, which are two autographed 'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" t-shirts for you and your better half, best bud or whomever you want to share this rare special prize with.

So, in your comments, pick the date for Luis' bye bye bye and win this magnificent prize.

You ask, "Rich, who is going to autograph the shirts?" Well I'll promise you this, it won't be me, but it will be from a famous sports celebrity who lives in sin city not too far from me.

Are you game? Let's do it.