Chicago Blackhawks: Joel Quenneville Gets His Man; What to Make of Jamie Kompon

Jon FromiSenior Analyst IJuly 19, 2012

Jamie Kompon is Joel Quenneville's handpicked assistant coach.
Jamie Kompon is Joel Quenneville's handpicked assistant coach.Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Chicago Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville can now introduce his newest assistant at this weekend's 'Hawks convention. The hiring of Jamie Kompon comes just in time for the fifth annual celebration of Blackhawks hockey, though this hire wasn't to appease the fans in attendance.

Make no mistake. This was a hire made by and for Quenneville. So, what did he bring aboard for the 2012-13 campaign?

Kompon arrives in town fresh off his previous team's impressive march to the 2012 Stanley Cup, having spent six years with the Los Angeles Kings after serving on Quenneville's staff in St. Louis for a number of years.

With the hire, Quenneville now has two assistants from his days with the Blues. Kompon joins Mike Kitchen, who has been in Chicago with Quenneville for the past two seasons.

It was long established following the firing of longtime 'Hawks assistant Mike Haviland that Quenneville would be installing one of his guys with him on the Chicago bench. Over two months after cutting Haviland loose, Kompon has his man.

Was this the man Quenneville wanted all along? Kompon was not rehired by Darryl Sutter following the playoffs.  It figures that he would have been available a few weeks earlier. It's difficult to know one way or another how Quenneville went about filling the position.

Here is one thing we do know. Kompon is exactly the man Quenneville wanted for two reasons. He is another familiar aide-de-camp, and he doesn't figure to be mentioned as Quenneville's replacement as Haviland often was.

Kompon, 45, was said to have had the power play as one of his responsibilities with the Kings. The fact that Los Angeles was 17th in the NHL last season in that category doesn't inspire confidence, but at least it may signal a fresher approach.

It's going to be tough to judge Kompon until the 'Hawks get through training camp and into the regular season. It probably isn't fair to pin Chicago's fortunes on an assistant coach regardless of whatever impact he makes.

Ultimately, it comes down to the person who made the hire. Quenneville got his man. Soon we will see how the 'Hawks respond to a new face on the bench.