Stock Up, Stock Down for Key Philadelphia Eagles Heading into Training Camp

Alexander OnushcoContributor IIIJuly 17, 2012

Stock Up, Stock Down for Key Philadelphia Eagles Heading into Training Camp

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    The Philadelphia Eagles enter their 2012 training camp with players who have seen their stock rise and fall.

    Throughout the course of training camp, many of these players, and countless others, will see their stock change even more.

    Whether it is something they said or did, the following players on the list have seen their actual and perceived value fluctuate the most. If this was the stock market, they are either the players you want to invest in or steer clear of.

Stock Up: Michael Vick

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    No, Michael Vick is not on this list because of his new clothing line. Instead, he is on here because of something he said rather than did.

    On an interview with a Philadelphia radio station, Vick promised to the masses that he would listen to his critics and take better care of both the football and himself. 

    Now, Vick has said that before, so fans may not be too willing to believe him this time around. However, during the interview he sounded much more mature—like a man who realized that there is life after football. 

    It remains to be seen whether fans can trust his words, but it appears as though Vick is finally ready to better protect his body and limit the number of turnovers he commits. If he makes good on that promise, then the Eagles could be heading for new heights.

Stock Down: King Dunlap

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    Even a king can have his down moments.

    When Jason Peters was lost for the season, King Dunlap thought that it was finally his turn to step up and be the starter at left tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles. That didn’t happen.

    Instead, the Eagles immediately went out and signed Demetress Bell to take Peters’ place in the lineup. Apparently the team does not have as much confidence in Dunlap as he does in himself.

    Obviously, the Bell signing aggravated Dunlap, and he admitted as much in a recent CSN Philly article.

    The fact that the team was so quick to sign Bell shows just how little confidence they have in Dunlap. A free agent at the end of the season, it is very likely that he'll be allowed to leave following the 2012 season.

Stock Up: Brandon Boykin

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    Brandon Boykin may be a fourth-round pick, but his talent exceeds his draft position. 

    Entering training camp, Boykin will be in direct competition with Joselio Hanson for slot cornerback duties. Many already think he has the talent to beat out Hanson, but as a rookie, there may be a slight learning curve. Even so, he is a good bet to win the job sooner rather than later.

    The team also seems to be putting a great deal of faith in the young man's ability to play cornerback. Despite many considering him a favorite to win return duties, a recent report suggests that the team wants undrafted rookie Damaris Johnson to hold that responsibility. This means that they want Boykin focusing exclusively at cornerback, which bodes well for his chances of seeing significant snaps early in his rookie season.

Stock Down: Dion Lewis

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    Dion Lewis was the heavy favorite to win the No. 2 running back gig in 2012, but a recent arrest has put a bit of a damper on those aspirations. That alone is enough to make his stock dip.

    What really made it plunge, however, is a recent report from CSN Philly that the team is going to give rookie seventh-rounder Bryce Brown every opportunity to wrestle the backup gig away from Lewis. Brown has a bigger build and a better all-around game, making him a serious threat to Lewis.

    While Brown has had past character issues of his own, Lewis has officially been put on notice. The battle between the two will be an exciting one to watch.

Stock Up: Andy Reid

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    I'm sure there are plenty of fans out there who are rolling their eyes and groaning after reading the title of this slide.

    With Joe Banner gone, it is safe to assume that Andy Reid is the head honcho and has more power than ever. Many thought he was on the hot seat, but he appears far from it. In fact, he seems to be quite comfortable.

    Simply put, this is now unquestionably Reid’s team. Owner Jeffery Lurie is committed to the big guy, and the only way he is leaving is if he decides to quit himself. There are not too many other head coaches out there who can boast the same kind of power.

    Granted, if the Eagles completely flop in 2012, then there is a chance that Reid will get the boot. Aside from that, however, Reid is here to stay.  

Stock Down: Jamar Chaney

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    Jamar Chaney’s stock has been on a steady decline since his underwhelming 2011 season. His stock took an even bigger hit when the team acquired linebacker DeMeco Ryans in a trade and then drafted linebacker Mychal Kendricks in the second round.

    Now, Chaney is fighting for a starting spot on the weak side where his primary competition is incumbent starter Brian Rolle. The team seems to want Rolle to win the job outright, which means Chaney will be going from starter to backup. 

    The unfortunate thing is that many fans had high expectations for Chaney after he played lights out late in the 2010 season. Those days are far behind him now.