Andrew Luck: Jim Irsay Needs to Sign Indianapolis Colts QB Now Rather Than Later

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Andrew Luck: Jim Irsay Needs to Sign Indianapolis Colts QB Now Rather Than Later
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Andrew Luck, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft, has yet to finalize a contract with the Indianapolis Colts organization and owner Jim Irsay. 

The reasons for a lack of a deal between the two parties are unknown, but the standstill needs to be resolved quickly. 

Irsay, in what is becoming an extremely questionable habit, took to Twitter to address the issue recently:



Ignoring the butchering of the English language, Irsay believes Luck (#12) will be in camp on time, as Irsay should. The question is, why wait to sign Luck until the last second?

We in the media are not approaching this situation from a "gloom n doom" perspective, but it is hard to figure out why the owner of the 19th most valuable sports team in the world is waiting to sign the best quarterback to enter the NFL since Peyton Manning.

Luck already missed all of OTA's while he was wrapping up things at Stanford. Allowing him to miss one second of training camp would be catastrophic for Irsay and the organization, not only from talent standpoint, but from a P.R. standpoint. 

The new franchise quarterback is going to need time to adjust to the NFL and develop chemistry with his new teammates. Irsay knows it. Luck knows it. The only party that looks bad in this scenario if Luck does not have a contract by the time camp rolls around is Irsay.

Irsay and the Colts have no leverage in this situation. He is not helping matters by taking this public. Everyone involved and observing the situation knows Luck will be in camp on day one, so what is the hold up?

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